Guru Purnima

Namaste dear ones,

A devotee called my attention to a very special day, the “Purnima-Day”. With the following explanation I want to inform you about the meaning of this day.

Guru Purnima

The full moon day of the month of Ashad (July/August) is the very special blessed holy Guru Purnima-Day.

This day, the day of the special worship of the Guru, is a day of pure joy. A day on which the loving disciple is offering his reverential homage to his beloved Guru. For it is the Guru who severs the attachment and frees the devotee from the chains of material existence. The Guru is the only help there is for the human being to experience the consciousness of reality.

Worldwide the Guru is honored on this day, and the special connection between Guru and disciple is renewed and strengthened, also by the disciple showing his trust, his loyalty and devotion to the Guru by homage and veneration.

With other words – Guru Purnima also is the day for us to reflect our spiritual evolvement/opening and to realize the privilege we have to devote our life to a deeper and deeper awakening. It is pure reflection on the endless grace of the Guru to whose Lotus feet we are allowed to sit.

A day of pure thankfulness; thankfulness, obeisance and joy, because adoration of the Guru is the true adoration of the highest there is. It is pure reflection on the endless grace of the Guru – who, in his absolute love, donates the peace of limitless awareness.

Jaya Madhukarji ki jai!
Guru Purnima: 29/30.07.07
Full moon: 30.7.07 = 02:47:42 a.m.

Guru Purnima is the brightest full moon of the year.
With Love

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