Madhukar Newsletter March 2008

From Madhukar for You

You are love

Not the concept of love
You are That
In which everything is taking place.
That is truth
It is utmost powerful.
All potential rests in this silence.
You only can thank this love
by remaining in it.


Back in Europe

Madhukar’s first retreat in Europe is the Easter retreat Yoga der Stille in the Swabian Mountains from March 20-25, 2008. A series of evening Satsangs and weekend intensives in Germany and Switzerland follow, until the retreat Quelle des Glücks in Baden-Baden after the Rainbow-Spirit-Festival from May 13-15, 2008. Traveling on to South Tyrol, Berlin, Ukraine, to Moscow and Moldova before the retreats in June in Austria – Herzensfreude in the Bregenzer Wald and Kaernten. Since the retreat Lied der Stille in Kaernten takes place during the European football championship, accommodations should be booked as early as possible. For all information please check the schedule link.

Thank you India

As every year quite a few of us have been in the two retreats with Madhukar in India. In the first retreat in Goa we enjoyed the Satsangs at the beautiful beach of Ashvem. There was also a public Satsang.

You can watch the video of the public Satsang in the Madhukar-Blog under: “Satsang with Madhukar in Goa: Guru is the Self – Love is the only thing” or on 2009 the Goa-retreat Mystery of Oneness, will be from January 7-31, 2009.

The three week silence retreat Awakening in Tiruvannamalai was marvelous. In a wonderful group we enjoyed oneness and the presence of the Masters of this lineage. Masterji led us into deep silence. One time we were watching videos from Sri Poonjaji (Papaji), Madhukar’s guru, who showed the truth to many people.
It was splendid to watch these records together – to laugh with Madhukar and Poonjaji in these wonderful moments, in which people realize the truth.

The 2009 Awakening retreat in Tiruvannamalai will take place February 15 – March 8, 2009.

India embraces us with the love of a warmhearted mother and we are thankful for this wonderful time.

Book from Madhukar in Russian

At the moment Madhukar’s book “The Simplest Way” gets translated into Russian. It is planned to be finished for the Satsangs in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova.

Russian Poem

You are as sweet as honey
but sting like a bee
Your look breaks
mind and time
alone the heart delights with joy
Oh what a miracle -
the faded flowers

Drakon_Han Tatar Russia


With Love
The Madhukar Organisation

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