What is Guru Purnima?

The full moon in the month of Ashad (July/August) is the especially blessed holy Guru Purnima day.

This day of exceptional adoration of the Guru is a day of pure joy, when the loving devotee is paying reverential homage to his beloved Guru.

For it is the Guru who cuts the bonds and liberates the devotee from the chains of physical existence. The Guru is the only help for mankind to experience the consciousness of supreme reality.

All over the world the Guru is honoured on this day and the specific relationship between Guru and devotee is renewed and strengthened; on behalf of the devotee by showing his loyalty and devotion to the Guru through adoration and reverence.

With other words: Guru Purnima is also the day to reflect upon our spiritual opening and to realize the privilege we have to dedicate our life to a deeper and deeper awakening. It means becoming genuinely aware of the infinite grace of the Guru at whose Lotus-feet we are allowed to sit.

A day of deep gratitude, respect and joy, since worship of the Guru is the sincere worship of the Highest. We are truly becoming aware of the infinite grace of the Guru who bestows in his perfect love the peace of boundless consciousness.

Jaya Madhukarji ki jai!

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