The Guru

About the importance of the Guru:

“The seeker of wisdom does not need any other help than a real master.”

“By His grace the ocean of the cycle of births becomes a puddle.”

“Obedient, with constantly loving devotion, respect and moderate speech one may meet the real master and start the journey to self-realization.”

One single glance of the enlightened master makes the eyes look bright with joy immediately, the face shines forth and the heart beats faster in bliss. HE destroys the ignorance.

“The infinite darkness inside that even billions of fires, moons and suns cannot light up, the enlightened one banishes with a single look.”

“The Guru is Father,
the Guru is Mother,
the Guru is Vishnu,
the Guru is Shiva,
the Guru is the highest Brahman.”

“Praised be the Guru!
He makes the mute eloquent.
He makes the lame climb the mountain.”

“I bow down with reverence
to the holy lotus feet of the Guru
who resembles in his compassion
a thick rain-cloud that showers
on the people burnt by the
forest fires of the ever-changing world.
He is the Saviour!
Who attains him, reaches the oceans of salvation.”

(Vishvanatha Chakravart)

“The grace of the Guru is God’s grace.
Without the Guru’s grace where will be shelter?
His glory we praise and reflect on
as a morning, midday and evening prayer.
Full of love I bow down
to the holy feet of the Guru.”
(Guru hymn of Vishvanatha Chakravart)

“Until now I have dreamt. In my dream I walked through forests of illusion, birth by birth overwhelmed by all kinds of sorrows and sufferings, subject to rebirth and death and decay. The tiger of selfishness unceasingly jumped at me.Now, by your infinite compassion, o Master, I awoke from my dream. You released me forever! Reverence to You, o great Master, You are one with Brahman. You are one with the shining light that throws a shadow called “world”.”

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