Mystery of Oneness, 26.01.09 Goa, India

Madhukar: How to live happy? How to live wise?

My Master said: accept everything that comes to you, and accept when it goes. Accept when stories are finished.

I like to add: accept everything that comes to you that is good for you, that suits you. Somebody comes and offers confusion, you do not accept.

Somebody comes and offers jeaulousy you do not accept, you do not involve. Somebody comes and offers frustration, you do not accept, you do not involve. Somebody offers stupidity, stupidness, you do not accept, you do not involve.

Likewise everything that goes – let it go. All will go in the end: body will go, all relation will go, all material, materiality, will go. All crazyness will go. So let it go.

Live in the world knowing I, who I is. Live in the maya, in the illusion of the world confidently, happily, knowing the I, knowing the source, always be the source.

Even Jesus Christ said the same: I am in the world but I am not from the world.
Peace is very precious. Peace is the reality, the truth. Underlying everything. For it to manifest in your live it manifests in it in a very fine subtile attunement. This you have to appreciate. Be thankful for it. Do not exchange it for stupidity, for nonsense.

Everyone wants to be happy and fulfil one’s desire, one’s programm, one’s imagination. But actually everybody wants to be in peace. Knowing that everything else is unnatural.

So once you imagine not to be in peace, fast return to the source. Fast return here to peace itself.

So you need your skills, you need some skills to live happy, to appreciate nothingness, to be grateful to manifestation, to be thankful to the heart, to adore the diamant that Self is.

Otherwise you live the ignorance of the blind man.
Blindness is: I am this, I am that, I am my past.

‘Mystery of Oneness’ with Madhukar

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