Serving the feet of the Master

Serving at the feet of the Master

Serving the feet of the Master

By serving the feet of the Master,
one who gives up all other paths
and surrenders oneself completely
to the Sadguru becomes the true
“Accomplished One”, or Siddha.

One who has the active element
of the Almighty God serves the Master.
Nobody else will even think of it.
For this the “Pure Sattva” quality is necessary.

One who has faith that the Guru is everything
attains the state of Paramatman.
Know for sure that one who is a loyal devotee
to the feet of the Master gains Self-Knowledge.

Many have the good luck to meet the Sadguru
once in a lifetime, but only the one who has
faith is saved and uplifted.
As is the faith, so is the result

Faith in the Sadguru is the highest good fortune.

We should bind ourselves to the Sadguru
by our deep love.

Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj
Master of Self-Realization
Chapter 47: Serving the feet of the Master.

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