Dear Guruji!

Dear Guruji,

Hope everything is well with you. Although a lot of work I feel very good, peaceful and happy most days. Feel rather often that life is so fascinating and fresh in some way. Sometimes I wake up in the night with a feeling of thankfulness, nothingness and bliss.

Gothenborg, Sweden

The Inner Sun Burning & Blazing…

Beloved Madhukar!

I have no words to express the admiration, amazement, gratitude and love to you.
You are all beauty of the world, music, dance,
laughter, love and peace!
The Inner Sun has burned me
and this fire continues to blaze in myself.
You are in my Heart.
Love, love, love, love,love.

Sankt Petersburg, Russia


We love you Madhukar

Anzhelika & Vladimir
Ural, Russia


To my heart Madhukar
with JOY

Maribor, Slovenia


Whole and Happy

Beloved Madhukar

How can I ever thank you for helping me
feel so whole and happy.
Jag är lycklig, mycket lycklig!

To be in Satsang with you
and even without you being present
is a true present.

I have nothing to ask for,
nothing more to say than that
this means everything to me:

Your holiness makes whole!

With all my heart and love
Thank you dearest Madhukar Ji
Love from Lis


Oui je le veux !

Light has come to us to France through your carefully packed present, full of lively red and gold in the outside, sugared and tender in the inside.

Thank you for your attention, your kindness, we have shared it with Joyceline, and Gilles’ parents. Gilles dreamed about you and I feel your presence.

Thank you for being with us.
See you soon , surely in Heidelberg

Bathing in your love
Diane, Gilles and Linda


Beloved Master,
In Love You give
“I” cannot survive – no chance.

By Your Grace the Light of Satsang is forever in One Heart.
In deep thankfullness and devotion staying at Your Feet

Olesya from Moscow