The Light in your Eyes

I just want to thank you for the time I got to share with you. The eternal light that shines from you. I only wish I had had the courage to sing it to you. I made a song and realized afterwords it was all about you..

” I’ve seen the light in you’re eyes, outshine tomorrow..”….”you’re bringing me back from the darkest night..”

Thank you for loving me. I remember it now as some inner trauma appears and wants to scare me away from love.

I’ll never leave again. Never. I’ll let it hurt, it’ll pass. If i run now I’ll never be free.
I feel so grateful for the Sangha too. They showed such love. Helped me so I could stay with you.

I like to show my respect and come to Satsang as soon as possible.

For you’re endless love: I Love you. I trust you. I need you.

I hope to see you soon again.
Shivarocker Pethra.

In Paradise with Krishna

Beloved Madhukarji,

All beings carry Krishna within their hearts

All beings are happy bringing flowers to Krishna

All beings love being one with Krishna

Who am I that I could resist?

Thank You so much for inviting me to the Paradise with Krishna – it’s
Divine, it’s Grace, it’s Heaven!

And such a lovely place…

The last weeks I hesitated to make my application because of my financial

There shall be no more space for doubts – being with the Guru. I’d love to
come to Havelock Island!

My heart for You,
With love


Golden Buddha

I am greeting you, Golden Buddha!

I call you so, because I have seen you in a such way in Moscow. In front of me was exactly the Golden Buddha.

All world always possessed stability, when I was with my father, when I was near the ocean. It was the same when I was with you. There was the feeling of familiarity and truthful affinity.

Now I know that you do exist. I will never forget you. And I will always be happy to meet you again.

Now you are my soul.

Tatyana from Minsk Belarus


Dearest Madhukar

With all my heart I want to thank you for the possibility to meet you here in Sweden.
An enormous opportunity and an enormous grace both for Sweden and for us.
I also want to thank you for making me so incredibly happy and for encouraging me in different ways.

For that I am so grateful.
With deepest Love and Gratitude

Exformation instead of information

Dear Madhukar,

The source of true beauty and truth is the knowledge,
that one has gotten rid off again.

Exformation instead of information.

Thank you.



Beloved Masterji!

From the very bottom of my heart I thank You for Your BEING.
For grace
Endless love

If You would not have found me I would live an ordinary life today, totally identified with body and mind.

However, since the first time we met (when I was allowed to realize that Madhukar and I is One) the magic of the moment entered my life. Beauty and love perfectly clear.

And since the Tuscany retreat: Silence even more silent. The love to You deeper and more devotedly; without an end.

My life is Your life
I lay it down in Your hands.
Show me how to serve You
24 hours a day.

Your Arati.