Open Satsang with Madhukarji in Goa


Everybody is heartily welcome to the “Public Satsang” with Madhukarji in blooming Goa!

If you are already in India, come and share love, peace and laughter with the sangha in this open Satsang with Masterji.

Since 16.01.2010 the retreat “Mystery of Oneness” takes place at Meems Arabian Sea and as an exception this evening Satsang is open for everybody to come.

If you like to have detailed information just call Leela:
0091 – 88 05 93 07 65.


Date: Monday, January 25, 2010
Time: 8:30pm – 10:30pm
Location: The Meems Arabian Sea, Ashwem Beach
Street: North of Papa Jolly´s
City/Town: Mandrem, India

Public Satsang with Madhukarji in Tiruvannamalai

Dear Lovers of “Yoga of Silence“,

As most of you know: Beloved Madhukarji is with the Sangha for retreat at Arunachala Shivas feet.
This year for the first time there will be also “Open Satsang” on a nice rooftop in Tiruvannamalai.

At 1.,2.+3.3. at 8 o´clock pm local time.

Everybody is invited to take part in- wherever you are all over the world!
It would be very nice if we all just join together in silence at satsang time.
For those who live in Europe: 8pm in India is 15.30 in Europe. (4,5 hours difference).
Members of USA and Australia please ckeck out your time…thanks.

I am very sure Masterjis silence radiates and will reach everybodys open heart!