Slideshow about our Retreat 'AWAKENING' in Tiruvannamalai – Part1


From our graceful silent- retreat with Madhukarji at Arunachalas feet some gorgeous photos put into a beautiful arrangement of a slideshow!

Just enjoy and dive deep into…

Sunny greetings from your
Madhukar Organisation.

Divine Paradise

“Diving into the Krishna blue Ocean of Grace.
Swimming with the colourfull fishes of Leela.
Singing and laughing in extacy with the exotic birds.
Being warmed by the sun of the inner burning wish for freedom.
Drinking the divine cocktail of Sat-Chit-Ananda.
Eating the sweet fruits of Love.
Dancing in silence with the ocean breeze. Arati

Fotos vom Internationalen Advaita Kongress in Moskau.

Guru Purnima, Stuttgart 18. Juli 2008

Selbstergründung und Hingabe sind die direkte Art, bleibendes Glück
zu finden.