New video on youtube with Madhukarji!


Hello everybody,

a new video with Masterji can be seen at youtube:

It was recorded in the retreat “Sommerlust” in Kitzbühel (Austria) in august 2009.
For a better understanding, Anders transcribed the video for us:

Madhukarji: Here is a letter from Anders.
Anders: Dear Madhukarji! Dear Madhukar!
Being here with you and all the beautiful people is a blessing.
This is as grace already entered my life and I can feel safe, that grace
will guardian my life.
Words cannot convey what I meet here in Satsang.
We use words as peace, happiness etc, but I feel what is taking place, what reveals is a mystery.
When I see you turn into a godlike, smiling golden, ancient appearance
it is impossible to judge what is taking place.
It is as if I have always been there with you in that silent dimension. Sometimes I have a tendency to forget what you can ´t tell me
but I believe that I somehow get it anyway.
The other day when I was invited to you,
it was as a magical mystery tour and only watched you working
was beautiful, master does the work.
Yesterday evening in Satsang something told me that you cannot be
defined in words, because there are no limitations, no borders.
Thank you for your grace. I love you. Jag älskar dig. Anders.

Madhukarji: Tack så mycket. Thank you. Lucky man, lucky man.

Neues Video mit Madhukarji auf YouTube – What is Grace?

Dear friends,

A very precious video from the sommer retreat in Wilderswil
with Madhukarji has been uploaded :

Master answers the question: What is Grace?

Fragender: Es gibt eine Frage, die mich stark beschäftigt:
Was ist denn Gnade?

Madhukar: He asks, he says he is very busy with the question; asking: What is Grace?
Grace is when you are not busy with anything and you are very satisfied.
And you are home wherever you are,
when you are aware of this wonder.
Grace is sitting here in satsang. That is Grace.
Waking up from illusion. That is Grace.
Drowning in the ocean. That is Grace.
Being in love with Sophia- wisdom- that is Grace.
Eating lousy pasta and not getting very angry, that is Grace, also.
Do you understand now better? Yes, better. Better, because Grace itself is formless and we cannot define it.
We cannot define. So, is Grace also kissing you?

F: Ja. Nicht immer. (Yes. Not always).

M: That is your interpretation, which is not true. Grace is always here. Always embracing you. Only you turn away sometimes.
You dream not living in Grace.

Om Shanti!