February 8 – 28, 2011 | Awakening Tiruvannamalai, South India

Awakening in the Source

Highlight of the year:

A three weeks intensive silence retreat at the foot of Arunachala! The world famous Saint Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi lived here, and visiting his still existing Ashram is an aspect of the retreat.

The attention is focused on the truth inside of you.
Experience and enjoy the presence of a living master in daily Satsang in the pavilion of the blooming Suddhananda Ashram.

At the beginning each participant of the three weeks retreat takes a strict vow of silence.

Only during Satsang questions and doubts can be clarified.
According to the Ashram rules consumption of alcohol and drugs
are strictly forbidden.
Everybody also agrees not to smoke during the retreat.
We will introduce into the blessing tradition of the Pradakshina:
meditatively go on a pilgrimage around the mountain,
during the daytime and again at night in the moonlight.
Promise: At least once we will visit Sri Ramana Maharshi’s living room.

Dress code for the retreat clothes is exclusively
white and orange. Retreat languages: English and German.


Time: February 8 – 28, 2011
Location: Suddhananda Ashram, Adiannamalai
City/Town: Tiruvannamalai, India

Telephone: +41 61 4 21 80 33
Email: ind@madhukar.org

This post is also available in: German


  • Gilles

    A post to say to the Sangha I’ve found 600 Euros planes ticket Paris to Chennai…
    My heart fells joy to be at the feet of Arunachala and yours cher Guru !

    19. August 2010
  • Asisa

    Sweet silence at holy Arunachala. Blessing retreat with the Beloved.
    Sitting with HIM in golden silence. Being with HIM in shining grace

    19. August 2010
  • Nicole

    For everybody who is interested in Awakening Retreat 2011 and Divine Paradise Retreat 2011 =
    Air India offers a flight now from Frankfurt to Chennai over Bombay for Euro 535.–, this price includes the train trip from any train station in Germany to Frankfurt and back. One of the cheapest flights to Chennai at the moment, if not the cheapest at all. I can highly recommend Air India as I flew with them this year.

    Heart Nicole

    20. August 2010
  • Bernd

    What would have happened if I didn’t met Madhukarji!? Lost, crazy and frustrated. Thankfulness is here, relief…. from restless search and…… Thank you God! Thank you Master. Thank you Papaji, Shri Ramana, Madhukarji and Arunachala, thank you Christ, Buddha, Thank you all the Masters. B

    21. August 2010
  • Asisa

    Lucknow Project:
    “If you go onto the mountain
    You will feel the glory there
    You will know of His existence
    And you will bow forever there
    Maha Deva
    Arunachala Shiva”

    21. August 2010
  • Nicole

    Sitting here, thinking of how to write to you about this so precious retreat, how to put into words what cannot be put into words. Indescribable silence extends, my eyes laughing and crying at the same time, overwhelming happiness rises from the heart, spreads out to all, as if a bubbling spring flows through me.
    Comforting warmth embraces me, holds me snug and the words “you are at home” sound.
    I am deeply looking forward to celebrate this unique, prescious, silent Being with all of you in this wonderful retreat at Arunachala.

    Love Nicole

    10. September 2010

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