Inner Sun – Retreat with Madhukarji on the island of Ibiza

Joy of Life

A retreat of powerful presence on the enchanting island of beaches and music. The wonderful Anam Cara at the Cala Carbó enthrones high above a vast bay with turquoise water.

Ibiza is well known for its beautiful beaches, cool music and strong energy. Retreat with Madhukar at the Cala Carbó on the island of

Satsang takes place in the Villa Anam Cara, a moorish dream above the breathtaking bay of Cala Carbó (South from San Antonio). It enthrones
high above the blue Mediterranean, with a stairway going down to the sandy beach. In the evening we look right at the gorgeous sunset
above the mystical islands of the Sireniens.

There are two apartment complexes with swimming pool, 200 m away from Anam Cara, where you can choose between single rooms
and 2 or 4 person studios with TV and breakfast.
Also in Cala Moli and Cala Vadella, only a few minutes by car, there are two nice low-cost hostels with swimming pool. You are free to choose another lodging. The next bigger town is San José with lots of accommodations.

In October we can expect good weather and there are not as many tourists on the island as in summer. At day time you can enjoy sun and
beach and go swimming in the clear sea.
In the evenings it can get cooler. The average day temperature is 23° C, at night 16° C. The water temperature is approximately 21° C.

The master and author of Advaita, probably the oldest and at the same time most actual teaching of true being, invites to events and retreats all over the world. Madhukar is a direct disciple of Papaji (Sri H.W.L. Poonja), the Lion of Lucknow, whose Guru is the famous sage Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Satsang with Madhukar will take place twice a day. Times will be
announced on-site. Retreat languages are German and English.

October 1 – 12, 2011 | Inner Sun
Ibiza, Spain
Info: Biljana +38 640 89 02 11


This post is also available in: German, Russian


  • Biljana

    Beloved Hearts:)),
    LOVINGLY:)) INVITED:)) TO RETREAT WITH MADHUKARJI:))), on the Island of Happiness:)), from 1. – 12. 10. 2011 ♥

    A retreat of powerful presenc ….Deep silence and clarifying dialogues …Beingness without concepts …Simplicity and love …Inner peace …Awakening

    Experience True Self:)) … Joy of Life:)) …the Beauty of being in presenc of True Master:))) ♥♥♥ WELCOME:))) ♥♥♥

    17. September 2011
  • Asisa

    Inner Sun – Retreat with Madhukar Ji at the breathtaking bay of Cala Carbó

    17. September 2011
  • Anja Sylvie

    Thank you beloved Madhukar for your sooo great present…to be with you and the Sangha in the beatiful Inner Sun Retreat in Ibiza…it touch my heart and my soul♥…its pure grace for me ♥ Love ♥

    17. September 2011
  • Prema

    Thank you beloved Master for soooooo much Grace

    17. September 2011
  • Asisa

    Deep thankfulness for joining this very special retreat with you beloved Master at this wonderful mystic place! Thank you very much Biljana for your support and help.

    17. September 2011
  • Silke

    What a true-to-life invitation!

    So beautiful.

    Love, Silke

    17. September 2011
  • Glorinda

    I´m very happy to come to Inner Sun.

    17. September 2011
  • Bernd

    I am looking forward to it!!! :)))) … so very much!!!! —

    17. September 2011
  • Dorothee

    I am looking forward to all of you

    17. September 2011
  • Bhadra

    It`s such a wonderful retreat place in Ibiza and worth going. I save my sun screen though. At least i can enjoy after the sun in Karlsruhe.

    17. September 2011
  • Berend

    I wish you a nice time

    17. September 2011
  • Silke Stabenow

    Wonderful place!

    17. September 2011
  • Kathrin

    ♥ oh sounds nice: joy of life… ibiza… wow!!!
    enjoy i’ll be with you with my love and heart!!! ♥

    17. September 2011
  • Christine

    I probably cannot fly but I participate

    17. September 2011
  • Carmen

    beautiful place!!!

    17. September 2011
  • Prema Vanina

    with all ♥ beloved Heart,sweet Master ♥

    17. September 2011
  • Asisa

    Inner Sun shining!

    17. September 2011
  • Arati

    Oh yes! It is a really cool and in the same way deep lovingly retreat!

    17. September 2011
  • Biljana

    Beauty is to be:)) and celebrate life:)) …this moment as it is:)) … to accepted it:)) and embrace it with love:))!
    Welcome all:)) who wish to experience one’s own true Self:)) … by being in the moment:) ♥♥♥

    20. September 2011

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