Sweet as Honey

I want to write about an encounter that changed my entire life, and still is changing it. I want to write about it because I know that everyone, that all of us only want one thing, to be happy. Simply because it is wonderful to be happy and because the one who is happy is beautiful. Seven years ago I met a Guru for the very first time in my life, without knowing what a Guru is (dispeller of darkness) and what is happening there. The only thing I knew was that what I had lived until then could not have been all there is. And that was more than a little. I had a family, a beautiful place to live, friends, a good job, parents, brothers and sisters, hobbies, I had travelled a lot – but still something was missing. I was just not totally happy, although I had joy and fun – like a good soup having everything that a good soup needs to have, only one decisive spice is missing which makes the soup so perfect that one can say that it is not missing anything. This spice, this happiness, I experienced at my first Satsang with a Guru. I simply sat in Satsang (this is the term for being together with a Guru), with all the other people of which I did not know anybody, and with the Guru, and I was feeling so happy and lively, although nothing had happened. I did not win the lottery, no new love, no new dress or dream holidays in the Caribbean. No, I just sat there with other people and the Guru, and I was simply happy and cheery. From this moment on I wanted to have more of it. I wanted to be so happy always, and that is why I went to see this Guru again and again. And I am still doing it today because since then this happiness is there more and more not only in Satsang but also in my everyday life. I feel much more alive, more open, life got another flavor for me, much more beautiful and easier than I had known it until then. I do not worry about nullities anymore, I take things much more serene, much more relaxed. And this not only when I am lying in the sun at the beach, but also at work, in stress and in the noise of everyday life. This Guru is my Master and his name is Madhukar, translated “Sweet as Honey.”


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  • Albina

    Dear Dakini,
    Thank you for your touching report.

    9. May 2012

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