Dolce Vita, Italy, 2012

Beloved Madhukarji,

Driving through the wonderful landscape of Tuscany with the special light and different landscapes, I reflected how much beauty I experience. It touches me.
Overflowing thankfulness and grace is what I experience these days by being in your presence and being surrounded by the Sangha, everything is flowing by itself, like a natural stream. This I experience over the years again and again, and for me it is amazing how this beauty is “created” by You, the Self.
I am deeply touched by the hearty people who came this year from everywhere to celebrate Guru Purnima here at Dolce Vita in Italy!

Many wonders appeared since I met you:

1. The first wonder is I met you in India during my sabbatical:
I went to Nepal & India for a sabbatical in 1999. I went on this journey for an “inner” search, looking for peace inside me. Not letting myself being ruled by fear or insecurity. After a very beautiful trekking to Mount Everest in the Himalayas I went to India, where I met you the first night in Poona! I was impressed by your radiating appearance. Shortly after I went to Goa, because in Poona I felt it is not the place to be for me. The first one I met in the bus was Sunyat, who spoke about you. In Goa I met you again and again and you invited me for Satsang.
Since than many things happened, beauty and strong painful experiences popped up! There was a lot of restlessness and resistance in me, which slowly disappeared.

2. Your clarity and straight forwardness to point again and again that we are already free, was for me a very important message on my “spiritual search”.
I experienced & experience this in your presence. Never before I experienced this silence, this love, this trust to rest in myself. This clarity stopped my spiritual search and made me fall in love with you!

3. I had some skin problems -psoriasis- before I met you . Since I join Satsang it disappeared.

4. Since I join retreats and Satsang with you I manage to be often in your presence and people at my work always wonder how I manage to be so often on holidays! It is simply happening!

5. To live life, the joy of life, to dance, to love and to shine is what I experience in your presence!

6. I feel carried and taking care of! I experience much beauty, silence, peace, joy and love in life since I met you!

7. Over the years I rest more in myself. In moments I still experience fear in and insecurity inside me, though at the same time I am also able to look deeper.

There is a longing to sink deeper into silence and stay as peace in all kind of circumstances: To trust, to love and remain silent.

Beloved Madhukarji, Thank you for your guidance!
Love from a dancing Heart.

In Love, Grace & Thankfulness,

Pranava Lohita

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