Grace Day

“See everything with eyes full of love”

♥ Happy Birthday Papaji ♥


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  • Naima

    Beloved Madhukarji! ♥

    What a fantastic birthday celebration in honor of Papaji! What a wonderful being with you beloved Guruji and all the dear ones!

    Thank you for your blessing, for this wonderful celebration! Love, peace, joy, silence, singing, dancing, laughing, chatting, enjoying … GRACE – nothing else!

    In deep thankfulness your Naima

    17. October 2012
  • Albina

    Beloved Madhukarji!

    Such a wonderful celebration of Papaji’s birthday! A real Grace Day on which you were blessing each one of us.
    What a wonderful singing, prasad and dancing. Infinite peace and love you are giving to all of us. It all serves to realize who I really am.

    Thank you from my heart for this preciousness and beauty!

    Your Albina

    17. October 2012
  • Vladimir

    Beloved Madhukar Ji!

    Thank You so much for everything!
    “Beautiful Master You are, so beautiful Master You are…Madhukar!”

    Love vladimir

    17. October 2012
  • Lara

    Thank you! With Love, Lara ♥

    17. October 2012
  • Alexander

    Tears of love and joy, infinite gratitude. Thank you, thank you beloved father.

    17. October 2012
  • Angela & Krisnadas

    Dearest beloved Guruji,

    Deepest thankfulness for this amazing
    Sri Papaji birthday celebration weekend in Karlsruhe.
    Silence, Joy, Love, Grace and blessings without measure, miraculously revealed through your wonderful Presence.
    Unspeakable beauty……….
    In deep Love
    Angela & Krisnadas

    17. October 2012
  • Asisa

    Dearest beloved Master, thank you for Gold. Your asisa

    17. October 2012
  • Linde

    Beloved Madhukar Ji!
    Beneficial to be in your blessing! In Thankfulness and love

    17. October 2012
  • Arati

    Yes, Grace of the Masterlineage!

    17. October 2012
  • Naima

    Sì, pura grazia! ♥ Grazie

    17. October 2012
  • Angela

    Thank YOU Sri Poonjaji, Thank YOU Sri Madhukarjii – Grace to Be Here.

    17. October 2012
  • Sabine

    Thank you so much beloved Guruji…it was amazing!!

    17. October 2012
  • Johannes

    Thank you beloved Master! It´s grace to be with you, where ever I am.

    17. October 2012
  • Purna

    Thank you Guruji for this wonderful days! ♥

    17. October 2012
  • Amrita

    Thank you, beloved Madhukar! Incredible, wondrous, amazing and so powerful! ♥

    17. October 2012
  • Keike

    Beloved Master,
    The blessing and the heart flutter of love still can be felt.
    It was so gracious and indescribable joining Papaji’s birthday and to sit at your feet.
    In love and thankfulness
    Your Keike

    17. October 2012
  • Asisa

    Dearest beloved Master,
    Each day in your presence is Grace day!

    18. December 2012

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