Madhukar, Is silence sexy?

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  • Naima

    Lo Yoga del Silenzio!
    Godete questo bellissimo video!
    Il silenzio è così prezioso, profondo, piacevole ed anche sexy!
    Pura Grazia!

    15. December 2012
  • Lohita

    A burning desire to be free? Look for the precious diamond inside you, beyond mind (thoughts & emotions). Madhukar is offering this experience in the Yoga of Silence events & retreats. Curious? Welcome to join & find out you are already free, through silence or sharp, loving, humourous dialogue & dance on cool music.

    15. December 2012
  • Shivani

    The Krsna-Power is vibrating in all cells of the body if I point attention on him.
    Pure happiness, divine love and power.
    What else to say? What else to do? Try it yourself.

    15. December 2012
  • Szilard

    Thank you Guruji for this ultimate language what is the Silence! Thank you for this clarity what is coming through this video!

    15. December 2012
  • Glorinda

    Silence is the clearest language, the language of the heart and heartlove is sexy.

    15. December 2012
  • Krisnadas

    refreshing like summer rain…….stated direct and simple…
    love it!

    15. December 2012
  • Patrik

    Truth here and now.
    Yes, silence is sexy!

    15. December 2012
  • Keike

    Very beautiful!
    Everybody can understand the message and feel the love.

    15. December 2012
  • Sabine

    A wonderful video!

    15. December 2012
  • Eberhard

    is silence sexy?

    15. December 2012
  • Prem

    Yes it is…. very much …

    15. December 2012
  • Peter

    Love, peace, freedom

    15. December 2012
  • Shivani

    A true master is living all aspects of life authentically

    15. December 2012
  • Suri

    Good question, Is silence sexy? : Yoga of silence!!

    15. December 2012
  • Arati

    Silence is a lovely seducer…

    15. December 2012
  • Claudia

    SILENCE does not defines itself -

    15. December 2012
  • Dorothee

    silence in the jungle, swimming in the ocean, see the beauty! so beautiful was Bali! Burn!….dont burn out

    15. December 2012
  • Elke

    There are no words how beautiful silence is!

    15. December 2012
  • Sofya

    Silence is the most intimate thing – it’s the core… It’s revealing, uncovered from the noise of thoughts… The closest thing to You.. so, yes, it is sexy!…

    15. December 2012
  • Anja

    Yes, silence is very sexy

    15. December 2012
  • Sonia

    Ieri pomeriggio ho visto il video,anche se nn conosco molto l’inglese è stato molto commovente…LOVE DEAR MADHUKAR JI

    15. December 2012
  • Erik Ashoka

    Beautiful video, thank You for reminding me. Inquiry “Who am I?” is the coolest and best there is

    15. December 2012
  • Fatima

    Wow! so nice place You are speaking dear Madhukarji!!!!!

    15. December 2012
  • Daniel

    impossible to answer with words as sex doesn’t answer with words***Purely silent.–.

    15. December 2012
  • Naima

    Yes, a very beautiful video – fantastic!!!
    Silence – so powerful, so precious, so joyful, so peaceful and even sexy, very sexy!
    What a grace to be in the presence of the Master, to enjoy satsang and to live this love, this freedom, this peace more and more in the daily life.
    Thank you beloved Guruji Madhukar!

    15. December 2012
  • Asisa

    Thanks for this fantastic video.
    Thank you for showing how to realize who we really are, how to leave the realm of limitation. We are not what we think we are, and finding out who we are in reality is the most important thing at all. Knowing who we really are is possible without any practice in Yoga of Silence, direct and immediately. Then, a true life in real happiness reveals, in abundance, lightness and beauty. This is my experience. Leaving the rat race and enter freedom.

    15. December 2012
  • Chris

    Great clip! Yes, very sexy!!

    18. December 2012

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