Madhukar: Silence – Powerful, healing, effective

Madhukar Satsang24 01 from on Vimeo.

This Satsang „Yoga of Silence“ with Madhukar took place during the 19th Rainbow Spirit Festival in May 2012 in Munich.

Peace – indefinable, free of everyone, now here, being; finding peace in oneself, being free; being child and wise at the same time; the question: Who is looking through our eyes?; melting into silence and becoming aware of being this silence itself; the good sign of laughing without any reason; allowing grief that is arising without any actual cause; orientating oneself on the own self in this grief, perceiving the own consciousness, being no longer a victim of grief; realizing that the drama is coming and going; THAT which underlies everything, indefinable, silence, powerful healing effect, being ripe to leave the circus, dissolving into this wonderful nothingness.

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  • Igor

    bye bye drama kings and queens

    25. January 2013

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