…found on my way back home …

The Way to Freedom

“… found on my way back home …
Even though this photo was made in May 2013, the words above and in the photo will always be coherent for me. At the age of about 23 years my search for the Divine began. The call of my heart was unmistakable. So, in a magical way, it brought exactly the things into my life which I needed. First of all I encountered the books of Ramana Maharshi. “Be what you are” was my “bible”. Many other books followed. After a couple years I was again and again reading the words: „When the veneration of the individual has reached a mature state the Guru manifests and appears in human form”, and inwardly I was praying for this.

One day I was reading an article about Madhukar in a spiritual magazine. I knew: “I have to go there!” What I was experiencing in my first Satsang in 2004 with Madhukar was overwhelming. A shock wave of love came towards me, and I knew I am this love. From there on I visited the Satsangs with Madhukar regularly (twice a year). Each one had its effect. Again and again this sweet pain came up there, the strong longing to come back home. A deep pain, but sooo sweet. Often tears were flowing because of the beauty. After each Satsang I came closer to my heart, the veil of forgetfulness was destroyed piece by piece.

Now, for some time, my search has come to an end. ‘I know one day a miracle will happen’ was played in this particular first Satsang. The miracle has happened.

Beloved Madhukar, also in this way I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love flows day by day, on the other side this deep silence. A natural feeling of self esteem full of humbleness came up, peace in the heart, freedom in Beingness. I am thankful that I met you on my way back home. Thank you!

In love Ulrike

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  • Ralf

    … fulfillment !

    5. June 2013
  • Asisa

    wonderful dear Ulrike

    5. June 2013
  • Shivani

    so touching. Thank you

    5. June 2013
  • Klaudia

    How beautiful …

    5. June 2013
  • Andrea

    wonderful …. !!

    5. June 2013
  • Anja

    …wow…is IS so beautifuuul, you speak from my heart dear Ulrike. I also had the longing for coming home… NOW I am home with Madhukar Ji, a WONDERful grace that manifested from my deepest innermost wish to meet truth, love, peace and freedom. Thank you, beloved Madhukar Ji, for this great Present, in my life, your wonderful Presence, of Love, Freedom and Peace In eternal LOVE, Anja

    5. June 2013
  • Igor

    thank you for sharing this

    5. June 2013
  • Darshana

    thank you very much for letting us know …. I am very happy for you….very touching!

    5. June 2013
  • Ulrike

    to everybody … infinite love

    5. June 2013
  • Fanzsika

    …and more miracles will happen

    5. June 2013
  • Ingrid

    wonderful ! ! !

    5. June 2013
  • Ingrid

    This is so wonderful. The heart is calling louder and louder!

    5. June 2013

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