Yoga of Silence in Munich

Beloved Madhukar,

Loving precious BEINGNESS and clarifying dialogs in LOVE carried the wonderful event in Munich and made it a wonderful and unique experience.

Laughing and crying and BEING in joy with you make all worries dissolve in LOVE and SILENCE, with lots of humor and lightness, but also with seriousness.

Again and again I become aware how graceful and blessing IT IS and how easy everything gets being in your marvelous and wonderful clear and pure presence, tasting the sweet nectar of silence, BEING nourished by your infinite and everlasting LOVE.

A shining precious diamond and jewel of the heart, LOVE, GRACE, SILENCE, JOY of PEACE and FREEDOM.

THANK YOU from my heart for this precious chance to melt with you into the SELF, in LOVE, into THE ONE, WONDER ~ full, eternal LOVE.

We all felt very comfortable and enjoyed your very clear and pure presence of silence, joy and love.

It was a wonderful and very blessing event “Yoga of Silence”, of which all participants, relieved and touched, took your present of the heart home with them.

In deep humbleness, thankfulness and love,

Anja Sylvie Aude

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  • Johannes

    It was a meeting, pure, simple, in love, at a special power place. Even the thunderstorm unified with the silence and surrendered.
    Thankful Joyvanni

    7. August 2013
  • Krisnadas

    yes, a most beautiful and graceful satsang in the silent “eye of the storm” very special!!!!

    9. August 2013
  • Renate

    It was so graceful! Fantastic Satsang with Madhukarji Pure Love

    9. August 2013

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