Beloved Master Madhukar,

In the last days I became aware that
feelings come and go,
thoughts come and go,
pictures appear and disappear, and the only thing that remains is silence.
Silence which is underlying everything.
To be this silence is being free. Being free feels so good, is so refreshing and makes everything so easy. Thank you from my heart for everything that I am allowed to realize through you.
Your Pratima


Beloved Master,

It is wonderful and gorgeous beautiful what happens by your grace.
There is nobody anymore who is asking questions.
The game is playing by itself.
In deep love and thankfulness,

Your Elisabetta


Beloved Master,

It is beautiful that you „are here“ – that you „are THAT”, again and again anew, hour for hour, day by day, totally in the Now – always loving, gracious, ONE in love, ONE in Beingness!
In deep thankfulness and love,



Beloved Guruji!

My heart is dancing! There is only love and happiness. Thank you for everything! Thank you that you have found me, otherwise I would have been lost in this world. You are the most precious in my heart.

Love, your Sunita

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  • Theresia

    Beloved Master,
    . . . and the lovers are one . . .
    I’m very happy and thankful.
    Best wishes!

    26. December 2013
  • Siniša

    You are the most precious in this world!

    26. December 2013
  • Spela

    Beloved Master, Thank you from my heart that I can sit with you in this lifetime. Your grace is unending. Thank you for grace, for love, beauty and peace that is so obvious in your presence.
    Love Špela

    26. December 2013

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