This year I was so lucky to be allowed to participate in the silence retreat. I immediately felt at home when arriving the ashram, and the time passed by much too fast.

The circumstances that brought me to Arunachala I only can describe as pure grace. Because in November, after the Vienna event, it has been only a short period of time in which I felt so very much attracted to this retreat that I did everything to go there. This attraction was there only until I had booked my flight. Then it disappeared again. Today I am so very much thankful that I followed this inner call despite of my mind-barriers regarding kids and job. One thing is clear to me now: all barriers, not only regarding the retreat, only exist in the head.

Already after a couple of days, lots of participants were reporting their experiences or what showed up to them. I was thinking: “Wow, how beautiful. It seems that I am doing something wrong. I do not have experiences like this, I never had”. These doubts and some other things of that kind were quickly clarified by Madhukarji. All the questions I had during the retreat other participants were asking, and Madhukarji answered them – also those questions that were not asked, and also those of which I did not even know that they were inside of me. It was such a blessing not having to talk. Everything important and everything I needed was coming to me – without effort, without me doing something for it. Simply out of pure grace. I am eternally grateful for this.

This retreat was full of love, softness, pureness, endless joy, laughter (despite of silence ;)) and – above all – peace. Madhukarji gave me so much in this short time. Finally I started to trust – Madhukar and life itself.

I can see now how my mind is working, I can see my patterns, and how they kept me away from the Here and Now. Love wins all battles – Madhukarji said in the retreat, and it was not the first time he said this. Now I know I can relax.

The Mantra chanting with Sofya was also very beautiful. The singing of these holy words and these wonderful melodies made something happen inside of me … I cannot express that. It was simply wonderful. These melodies are in my heart. When I was back again and went to the next silence-evening at Christa’s place, everybody wanted to know about the retreat and my experiences. I told them by singing the Gayatri mantra … in the end everybody joined in.

Thank you beloved Master for your presence, for your love and your understanding, for everything that you are giving to us each day. Now I can feel that you are always here. I am sitting here, with open hands, and I am ready for whatever comes/is.

Your Ingrid

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  • Andrea

    Wonderful dear Ingrid. Thank you!


    7. March 2014
  • Sabine

    Dear Ingrid,
    this is a very beautiful report!
    Thank you very much for it!


    7. March 2014
  • Silke

    Thank you for sharing dear Ingrid.
    A beautiful report.
    Dearest greetings,

    7. March 2014
  • Keike

    Thank you very much for sharing your very personal impressions and experiences dear Ingrid. Its very nice to read.

    7. March 2014
  • Ingrid

    Dear Ingrid,
    thank you that you put your impressions in such beautiful words and that you share your experiences with us.
    The transformation and the love were so obvious when you were here at the silence evening. Simply beautiful! And when you were singing the Gayatri Mantra I got goosebumps!

    Love to you,

    7. March 2014
  • Hildegard

    Thank you very much dear Ingrid for this beautiful Report… maybe I can join next year.


    7. March 2014
  • Klaus

    yes, all barriers only exist in the head. how lucky you are that you did not let them keep you from going!

    7. March 2014
  • Leela

    Sooooooo beautifull ! ! ! ! !

    9. March 2014
  • Priya

    Thanks and hearty greetings,

    12. March 2014
  • Albina

    Thank you dear Ingrid!
    Such a gain!

    12. March 2014
  • Bernd

    Thank you dear Ingrid.
    Thanks a lot.
    Love, Bernd

    12. March 2014
  • Amrita

    Dearest Ingrid,
    You write so beautiful!
    Thank you very much

    12. March 2014
  • Alexander

    Dear Ingrid,
    such a beautiful report! In my heart I was immediately there and was thinking of my first Awakening retreat, where you were there too! Hopefully soon again! I am very happy – for you and for me and for all of us! Love to you!

    13. March 2014
  • Julia

    Lovely to hear how melodies accompanied the experience.

    6. April 2014

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