Letters from the Easter Retreat 2014

Dear Madhukarji,
The Easter retreat is always the highlight of the year for me. There is always something wonderful happening here. I don’t have to look for anything because everything is laying deeply in my heart waiting to unfold and being realized. All I have to “do” is being still. Thank you from my heart for this present.
Love, Martin


Beloved Madhukarji,
Thank you for this wonderful retreat Yoga of Silence, thank you for your blessing and the grace being allowed to take part. You have fulfilled the wishes of my heart, everything turns out for the best.
In thankfulness and love


Dear Guruji,
Its so beautiful being allowed to sit at your precious feet. Thank you for everything.
Om Shanti, yours, Bernd

Beloved Master,
You gave me attention and love. You did not forget me. You were there for me when I was in need. You cleared the way piece by piece so I can find back to myself. You are my Guru, you live in my heart. You brought light into the darkness. Now I sit in front of you and I am allowed to be happy. Always. I know you are always with me.
In thankfulness and trust, Christian


My beloved Guruji,
I am full of infinite love and thankfulness. It is such a grace.
I love you,


Beloved Master,
Your shining light is with me and brings clarity in my life. You are always with me. All the burdens are gone and made space for a lightness that makes me happily dancing through life. Meeting you was the best that could have happened to me. I am deeply grateful for this grace,
Yours, Renate


Beloved Master,
Thank you for the precious time together with you.
In deep veneration for the Self,


Dear Madhukar,
Thank you for your wonderful shining presence, which makes me realize my own presence more and more. Your clarifying light has a big purifying effect.
This is so liberating and magnificent.
Thank you from my heart, Cornelia


My beloved Guruji,
Thank you for this beautiful time you are sharing with us. Thank you for the love and the trust you are giving to me. Thank you that I may be with you. Thank you for showing me the beauty that is inside of me and surrounding me. Nowhere else is such a treasure. I bow to the grace and love that you are.
Love, Dakini


Beloved dearest Madhukarji,
I am infinite grateful for your presence.
Solamente amore


Easter Satsang with Madhukar
I am filled with love
The body is vibrating
Meeting the Guru
Is the highlight of the year
Especially on Easter
Enjoy it Renate
To the fullest
With each cell
Such a grace
Being with you
Always reflected by the One
Wake up and never forget
This love is a present of grace
Play of love in its highest form.


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  • Anja

    It is so precious to calm the babbling mind! It brings peace, joy, silence, grace and love. In the master lineage of Madhukarji I was able to realize this and remember it with Yoga of Silence.

    3. August 2014

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