Guru Purnima Feier mit Madhukar (11. – 13. Juli 2014)

guru purnima 2014

Du bist eins mit dem Selbst,
mit Gott,
mit dem Guru.
Alles ist eins.
Trotzdem manifestiert sich Dankbarkeit zum Meister,
wie es auch in meinem Fall war.
Das Durcheinander, das vorher Leben genannt wurde, hat ein Ende.
Dankbarkeit an die Existenz und ständiges Erwachen.
Text: Quelle: “Einssein” von Madhukar
Sri Madhukarji
Foto: © Darshana

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  • Rita

    In this full moon night, Guru Purnima is celebrated in honor of the Guru. Guru is not just simply a teacher. He is the one who can dispel the spiritual darkness. To the Hindus and Buddhists, ignorance (unknowing) is the reason for all suffering and for the endless wheel of rebirth (Samsara). It is the Guru who can liberate the being from this wheel and lead it to its true source. Happy Guru Purnima and THANK YOU Madhukarji.

    15. July 2014
  • La Anja

    Happy Guru Purnima Beloved !

    15. July 2014
  • Szilard

    I am kissing your lotus feet Beloved Guruji!
    I offer the Rose of Love to You from me
    Guru Purnima Is Here
    Let’s Celebrate!

    15. July 2014
  • Sabine

    A very happy Guru Purnima and Love to You, Beloved Madhukarji!

    15. July 2014
  • Špela

    Beloved Master!
    Happy Guru Purnima!
    Thank You!
    I Love You!

    15. July 2014
  • Miso

    Happy Guru Purnima, dearest Madhukarji!

    15. July 2014
  • Celine

    Dearest Guruji, a gracious and cheerful Guru Purnima Celebration to you and all devotees! I am with you in my heart.

    15. July 2014
  • Om

    Happy Guru Purnima beloved Madhukarji!

    15. July 2014
  • Sharanam

    Happy Gurupurnima !!

    15. July 2014
  • Gerlinde

    Beloved Guru Madhukarji, from my heart a wonderful Guru Purnima. In my heart I am with you. In love and thankfulness. Yours, Gerlinde

    15. July 2014
  • Andrea

    Beloved Madhukar Ji, a wonderful Guru Purnima. I am always with you in my heart. ONE happynessssss. We here in Stuttgart who cannot be there are celebrating with you venerable Master! In honor, love, joy and infinite great thankfulness. Great veneration, love Andrea love, peace happynesssssss!!

    15. July 2014
  • Sofya

    I am wishing you a night of pure celebration of love and truth! Let you all there just swim in the ocean of bliss naked and happy like children!

    15. July 2014
  • Sina

    Happy Guru Purnima beloved Madhukar Ji !! My Heart is with you!

    15. July 2014
  • Conny

    Happy Guru Purnima !!! Beloved Madhukarji, I am with you in my heart -!

    15. July 2014
  • Vladimir

    Happy Guru Purnima,beloved Guru Ji! Love, Sunyata, Anton, Vladimir.

    15. July 2014
  • Shakti

    lot’s of love and a beautiful celebration
    always grateful

    15. July 2014
  • Keike

    In the deepest source of beingness, a flame is burning, the flame of love. Once immerged in it, time and space are meaningless. Happy Guru Purnima beloved Master, happy love beloved Guru Ji. A wonderful Guru Purnima Celebration to all of you! Greetings of gratitude from my heart. Yours Keike.

    15. July 2014
  • Naima

    Thank you Beloved Guruji for this Grace to Be with you, in this precious Presence!
    Bowing down at your holy feet!
    Jaia Jaia Guruji!

    15. July 2014
  • Amara

    Good morning Beloved, lovely greetings from hot Berlin . We wish you a wonderful Guru Purnima Celebration with your Devotees around you and we are happy to be with you … Amara, Benjamin and Joy

    15. July 2014
  • Szilard

    Happy Guru Purnima Beloved Guruji, Beloved Father!
    Love and Thankfulness
    Om Shanti

    15. July 2014
  • Sonali

    Happy Guru Purnima beloved Guruji Madhukar Ji !
    I love You with all my heart. Sending so much love to You and the Family of Love !
    Deeply thankful
    Yours in the Heart

    15. July 2014
  • Biljana

    Beloved Madhukarji, thank you for amazingly beautiful weekend !! For beautiful, ecstatic Guru Purnima celebration with you and all lovers of love! We were dancing in source as happiest children , simply celebrating life !! …even now when i think of it such a joy overflows my heart !! Beloved, we are deeply kissed by life with you by our side !!
    Love, Biljana

    15. July 2014
  • Julia

    Guru Purnima – so much fun, so much laughter, so much happiness, so much love. Freedom is. Thank you dearest Madhukar for all you give. Pure. Love. Julia

    15. July 2014
  • Ganesha

    Beloved Guruji – thank you and the Sangha for this unbelievable weekend. After receiving my name, there is only silence and peace. Now I understand what the untouchable Self is. Nothing can really disturb. Illusions are temporarily and there is some “sort” of calmness which is of endless power! Can’t wait to be with you(all) in Kitzbühel. Thank you for the biggest present I could imagine.
    In love Ganesha

    15. July 2014
  • Rita

    Dear Madhukarji, thank you from my heart for the highlife-weekend. The German national soccer team got the FOURTH star on Sunday. First we were shaking together with you and then jubilating. FIVE stars are for the Guru Purnima Celebration and the party afterwards. It was a heartfelt ceremony full of tenderness, and then an ecstatic party that ended in the morning with a delicious breakfast picnic. HAPPINESS was in the air and on our faces. THANK YOU!

    15. July 2014
  • Christa

    Beloved GuruJi, thank you for this wonderful ecstatic celebration. I am still filled with all the graceful moments, with the love, with all the dancing and with Oneness – all my cells shine with happiness.

    15. July 2014
  • Ganesha

    Lost another 2,8 kg of weight during Guru Purnima. Actual status 83,9. Close to lose 25 kg in one year – started with 106.5 kg last summer. Self is sexy – RAWRR! Ganesha

    16. July 2014
  • Dakini

    Guru Purnima, an explosion of beauty, love, peace, of the One. So incredibly beautiful. Thank you beloved Guru Ji. Thank you from my heart. Without you, this wonderful celebration of grace in Tuscany would not exist. In deep thankfulness at your lotus feet the heart Dakini

    16. July 2014
  • Satya

    Beloved Master, the heart shines and I am filled with love! Thank you for this wonderful Guru Purnima Celebration and for the mystic and magic time in Tuscany. Thank you for this carefree life in joy and peace…..and thank you for your generosity. Love, yours, Satya

    16. July 2014
  • Krisnadas

    Beloved Guruji,
    07.07.14: one day before the game – Brasil : Germany – we were sitting in a Café Bar in Tuscany, Italy and you told us in detail the first 25 minutes of the game (including the atmosphere in the soccer arena, the first goal within 10-15 minutes the second goal within 25 minutes, the reaction of the audience etc.etc.)
    The result we all know.
    13.07.14: two hours before the final game we were already celebrating the victory
    How could you know that? How could you have been so sure?
    Because you are the ball, the players, and the space in which the games takes place – in fact:
    You are the game itself!
    The victory is yours!
    Thank you for this most amazing, outshining and absolutely wonderful Guru-Purnima 2014!!!
    JAYA HO!
    JAYA HO!
    JAYA HO!
    Madhukarji Ki jay ho!

    16. July 2014
  • Christa

    This is Happy Guru Purnima – it was so great and powerful! THANK YOU !

    16. July 2014
  • Cornelia

    What an enormous present to us this Guru Purnima celebration. Even if you can’t be in Tuscany, take a quiet moment, look at the full moon and just feel of what is happening inside of you. Love, Cornelia

    18. July 2014

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