Mystery of Truth Retreat in Russia

Come home into yourself.
Nameless formless.
Pure beauty.
Merge into That.
Who you really are.
Peaceful silent beauty.

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  • Natalia & Ivan

    Deep Gratitude for the Moscow Satsangs dear Madhukar Ji! Have a wonderful time at the retreat. Our Love to you!

    11. September 2014
  • Jill

    Thank you Beloved Madhukarji !

    11. September 2014
  • Alexander

    Happy in Moscow !

    11. September 2014
  • Albina

    Greetings to all happy people… It’s beautiful !!

    11. September 2014
  • Gianmario

    Grazie… È bello essere qui, ora. Insieme !

    11. September 2014
  • Lakshmi

    Thank you, Beloved! For sharing Satsang! And for sharing the beauty of your heart with the world! With Love, Lakshmi

    11. September 2014
  • Ingrid

    It’s always a grace to be with you beloved Guruji even for Online Satsang. I felt the same power, the same presence as if sitting at your feet. Love from Villach !

    11. September 2014
  • Szilard

    Thank you Beloved Father for the satsang yesterday! I enjoyed very much! Love and Greeting from Hungary

    11. September 2014
  • Sunyata

    Moscow is now !!!

    11. September 2014
  • Shivani

    Thank you for this most precious satsang from Moscow, beloved Guruji.
    I enjoy it very much
    Yours, shivani

    11. September 2014
  • Andrea

    It is wonderful, beautiful to be with you. Thank you beloved Madhukarji.

    11. September 2014
  • Satya

    Beloved Master, thank you for this great and blessed opportunity to be with you in Moskau Satsang!
    Love Satya

    11. September 2014
  • Christa

    What a grace to be connected with you in Moskau Satsang – thank you beloved Master!

    11. September 2014
  • Naima

    Wow!!! Grazie amato Madhukarji!
    Thank you for this powerful, fantastic Moscow Satsang !!!
    Solamente amore – one Love!

    11. September 2014
  • Igor

    Beloved Guruji!
    Thank you for this beautiful Moscow Satsang!
    Thank you for your Love!

    11. September 2014
  • Sunyata

    Beloved Guru Ji !!! Thank You so much for Your visit to Izhevsk ,for so beautiful satsang ,for Your Love and Peace ,for everything !!! We love You !!! Your Sunyata

    11. September 2014
  • Theresia

    Many greetings to you beloved Master and to the
    Russian Sangha !

    11. September 2014
  • Priya

    Happy to be with you in Russia.
    Love, Priya, Johannes, Norman

    11. September 2014
  • Satya

    Thanks to all of you who make this possible! Love Satya

    11. September 2014
  • Ingrid

    Beloved Sangha, greetings from Villach/Austria !! :-) Love Ingrid

    11. September 2014
  • Yuliya

    THANK YOU Madhukar ! !

    27. September 2014

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