Happy Birthday von der Family of Love


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  • Christa

    “Beloved Madhukarji, a thousand thanks for the wonderful celebration with you and the deep Satsangs, pure grace – it is wonderful!

    6. November 2014
  • Jens

    Greetings from Mediterranean Sea! Hope you had a great birthday celebration!

    6. November 2014
  • Mercedes

    Happy birthday, Madhukar Ji

    6. November 2014
  • Sama

    Happy Birthday Madhukarjii!
    Thank you for your being and your wonderful gift to the world
    With Love

    6. November 2014
  • Ksjuscha

    Happy Birthday from my heart, Madhukar Ji.

    6. November 2014
  • Ashoka

    The coolest Guru ever!

    6. November 2014
  • Achim

    Keep on smiling !

    6. November 2014
  • Didier

    Joyeux anniversaire Cher Madhukar! A bientôt!

    6. November 2014
  • Shakti

    Congratulations from my heart Beloved !

    6. November 2014
  • Michael

    Birthy Madhukarmas!

    6. November 2014
  • OM

    Happy birthday beloved Madhukarji!
    I wish you all the love there is…
    and that it never stops multiplying in your heart!

    6. November 2014
  • Suzanne

    Happy birthday,
    Wishing you endless blessings!

    6. November 2014
  • Samasta

    Happy birthday dear Madhukar Ji !

    6. November 2014
  • Ulrike

    Happy Birthday to you, Madhukarji !

    6. November 2014
  • Ingrid

    Happy Birthday beloved Guruji Thank you for your being !

    6. November 2014
  • Vladimir

    Happy Birthday Beloved Master!
    With Love, Sunyata, Anton, Ilya, Vladimir.

    6. November 2014
  • Jill

    Happy Birthday beloved Madhukarji

    6. November 2014
  • Lynnie

    Bright Beautiful Birthday Blessings!

    6. November 2014
  • Darshana

    Thank you so much that you are here!
    Being with you today and always!

    6. November 2014
  • Gabi

    Beloved Madhukarji, for you today’s birthday I wish you from my heart all the very best, lots of love, beauty. Much fun and a great party!!!

    6. November 2014
  • Sunyata

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday to You Beloved Madhukar Ji !!!

    6. November 2014
  • Gabriele

    I wish YOU a Very Happy Non-Birthday Master!

    6. November 2014
  • Peter

    Happy continuation
    Happy moments of now
    Happy continuation
    To you we all bow
    You are so beautiful
    You are so fine
    And you are so wonderful

    6. November 2014
  • Anja

    Happy Birthday beloved Madhukar Ji!
    In my Heart I’m with YOU.
    Singing, Dancing, Loving with beautiful Lover’s of LOVE. Celebrate JOY, HAPPY ~ ness and LOVE.
    In Freedom, Peace, Love & Grace.
    Warm HEART ~ Embrace & Kiss, Anja …

    6. November 2014
  • Dakini

    Happy Happy Birthday Beloved Madhukar Ji. The sun shining for you. What a beautiful day!

    6. November 2014
  • Keike

    Happy happy Birthday beloved Madhukarji! Wish you a beautiful Birthday Party and M-Day – Happy Now ! Keike

    6. November 2014
  • Satya

    Happy Birthday, beloved Madhukarji!

    6. November 2014
  • Parago

    Happy Birthday Madhukarji!

    6. November 2014
  • Prema


    6. November 2014
  • Purna

    Beloved Guruji,a wonderful birthday from the Garden of Love!

    6. November 2014
  • Bhadra

    Namaste Madhukar, all the best for your birthday, from my heart. Hari OM. Bhadra

    6. November 2014
  • Sonali

    All the birds of the universes are singing for You today, beloved Master Madhukar ji !
    Happy Happy Birthday !

    6. November 2014
  • Julia

    Thank you dearest Madhukar that we enjoy and experience Nothing but Love and Colour in Being. May your day be filled with Beauty. Happy M-MAS, Happy NOW.

    6. November 2014
  • Naima

    Happy graceful M-mas-day Beloved Madhukarji! What a blessing Being in your presence, what a precious gift been found by you Beloved Guruji! Thank you!
    All’amore ed una bellissima festa e party!
    Bacioni, naima

    6. November 2014
  • Spela

    Vsenajboljše za Vaš rojstni dan ljubljeni Mojster!
    Z Ljubeznijo

    6. November 2014
  • Patricia

    Happy Birthday to you!

    6. November 2014
  • Szilard

    Happy birthday Beloved Father!

    6. November 2014
  • Carolina

    Happy Birthday dear Madhukar Ji! Love and Blessings to You!

    6. November 2014
  • Jonathan

    ૐBirthday blessings dear Gurubhai ૐ

    6. November 2014
  • Conny

    All the very best for your Birthday!

    6. November 2014
  • Albina

    Blessed M-MAS-Birthday Beloved Madhukarji! Wish you a fantastic party tonight! Kiss Albina

    6. November 2014
  • Judy

    May your birthday be filled with sunshine & smiles, laughter & love!

    6. November 2014
  • Suri

    Thank you for your wonderful Being
    Thanks to your dear Mother
    Thank you for everything that happens through you.
    Yours, Suri

    6. November 2014
  • Ganishiji

    Happy NOWsDAY to you!

    6. November 2014
  • Lavanya Deva

    Happy Birthday, Love and light!

    6. November 2014
  • Mara

    Happy Birthday !

    6. November 2014
  • Heidemarie

    Happy, happy birthday beloved Madhukar Ji. Thank you for your Beingness inside of me, in the Family of Love. I wish you a wonderful birthday celebration! It is singing inside of me: Aad Guray Nameh. I bow to you, to the true Guru.
    Yours, Heidemarie

    6. November 2014

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