Letters from the Awakening Retreat 2015

Beloved Madhukarji,

I am happy. At the foot of the Arunachala, here in the retreat, it is like coming home. Your physical presence is absolutely precious. The Satsangs nourish me. Having nothing to do, in each possible way, is relaxation pure. You are present not only in my spiritual life, but also in my daily life. It is very inspiring and powerful to feel you in my daily life. I bow to you in thankfulness and awe.

Love, Rita

Brief Rita auf Tuch_1

Beloved graceful Master Madhukarji!

Thank you! Life is an endless Prasad from you. You are life itself, this vibrating love. Pouring and pouring. Even abundance is already here. How to speak about this grace? It’s not possible. Love is.

Yours, Amrita


Dearest Madhukarji, my Master!

I am totally at your feet. The river became the ocean and is now back in its own source. What you are giving to me and to the whole world is invaluable. It is the most precious there is. I have no more words. I am eternally grateful to you.



Beloved Guruji!

Thank you for the blessed time at the feet of Arunachala in your presence! I am very happy to be here. My heart was jumping with joy walking in nature to have Satsang on the magic rock. I realize how precious it is to be in this retreat! Over the years being with you I experience love, blessings and being carried through life. In silence, I feel an immense fire burning, overflowing love, being connected with all there is.

Namaskar, thank you from my heart. In love and gratitude,


Dear beloved Guruji,

Good to be here with you at the feet of the Holy Mountain Arunachala. Thank you so much for your love and your guidance over the last ten years. This time passed away like a second. While each moment in your presence seems to be eternal.

Love, Ralf



Beloved Master,

It is always beautiful for me to be with you. It is such a big grace. I am very thankful for this.

Love, Helga


Dear Master Madhukarji,

Thank you that I am allowed to be always with you! Please continue helping me to burn the forest of ignorance.

Heart greetings from Waltraud


Beloved Guruji,

I want to thank you for all the love I experience. No words are needed when hearts face each other.

Love, Ganesha


Dear Master,

Thank you for Everything that happened and happens since the last retreat here one year ago! Thank you that I am allowed to serve you. Thank you for all your blessings! I feel freer, at ease, relieved and cheerful. It is very good to know that you are here and I can trust you, and that entanglements dissolve when I lay them at your feet.

Deeply bowing to you, RamDas


Dear Master Madhukarji,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! For the abundance of love and trust. Out of the clarity and the call of my heart I had registered for this silence retreat, following the call of the Master Guruji, to come here to the holy mountain Arunachala. For living in beingness, in peace, in bliss and in love. Thank you from my heart for this divine, universal providence.

Love and respect, Hanspeter


Dear Guruji,

Thank you for the grace to be here with you, for the grace of guidance and for your immense love. Thank you for all the beauty and the mystery.

Love, Anne


Beloved Madhukarji,

I am so HAPPY for being here at this very auspicious place with you! Thank you!

Love, Atma.


Madhukarji, Thank you so much for this opportunity. I’ll admit, at first, I couldn’t understand why people were thanking you to be here when they have paid money for the retreat. I see now that this opportunity allows me to develop in ways no amount of money could purchase and now I understand money cannot buy this experience. I am honored to be here in your and everyone else’s presence. So again, thank you. Andrea

Lord Ganesh auf Grün Blattwerk (1)

Beloved Madhukarji!

I was enjoying the sacred circumambulation of Arunachala with the Sangha in your presence. What a fortune to be at your feet!! Thank you!
With love, Amrita


Beloved Master Madhukar,

There are no words to express my thankfulness for being here. Such a grace, such a blessing. A lot of things seemed to speak against coming here, the circumstances, the money, business, partner, the time and so on. But my heart said go! and the Master said welcome, and everything settled in a wonderful way all by itself.
Thank you for your love, thank you for your beingness, thank you that I am here with all of you, blessed at the feet of Arunachala Shiva.


Beloved Master Madhukarji,

After I met you wonderful things happened over the years. Peace is here, love, thankfulness, joy, just everything!

In eternal love, your Pratima


Dear Madhukar,

Sitting in silence, dwelling in mystery, resting in the eye of the hurricane, endlessly… feeling so lucky! As I am back in Paris, the Guru’s presence is still felt around me.
Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti



Beloved Guruji,

Thankfulness is in my heart for the grace to be here with you at this holy place, the beloved Sri Arunachala Shiva.

Love, yours, Glorinda


Beloved Master Sri Madhukarji,

Thank you from my heart for the wonderful Pradakshina. Thank you Sri Madhukarji for your love and clarity.

Yours, Ramani


Dear Madhukarji!

This is my second retreat with you and I more and more feel this endless love, the silence, the bliss that you are. I am very happy for this because it awakens my true being. I am very thankful that I am allowed to be here in India at the feet of Arunachala. It is pure grace. Thank you.


Blüte auf Busch

Dear Madhukarji,
For the silence,
for the peace,
for the love,
that your grace has revealed,
for all the nonsense that is gone (and all that will go)
I feel an immense gratitude.
With love



Dear Madhukar!

Thank you for everything! You are the best.


PS: Greet everyone and enjoy. Love from snowy Sweden.


Dear Guruji,

Thank you that I can be here with you in the retreat at the holy mountain Arunachala. Thank you very much for the precious time in India. Thank you for your power and clarity, for your guidance and love.

Yours Bernd


Dearest Beloved Madhukarji!

I am very excited upon the generosity you are sharing this flow of love and light with us. I have never met a Master radiating so much love, which is pouring out of you as if out of the horn of plenty. I am tremendously happy to be here. In spite of all life conditions, the Master’s power and love have brought me here as if I was flying on the wings of love. I felt this care in every moment travelling here. This care was in every insignificant detail. Thank you! And from the first instant I am here, each moment is precious for me.

With Love,



Dear Madhukarji,

You are the dancing Guru in my heart. Your dance is charming, it dissolves all borders, one by one. You perform it all with kindness and patience. Only true love has the capacity for such tremendous patience. You look after us with so much love, a love we cannot get from our parents. They cannot take care of us like you do.

Thank you.

Each time I breathe in – it is your love.
Each time I breathe out – it is my love to you.



Dear beloved Master, beloved Guruji,

Thank you very much for your loving and consequent guidance.

With all my love and gratitude I am yours, Samudra


Beloved Master!

Something precious revealed that cannot be touched by words. I am very thankful being allowed to be here with you now, in this life time. It must be grace. In deep gratitude I bow down.

Thank you, I love you, Spela


Beloved Master,

You are in my heart. I love you. Once you said to me in a dream: ”I carry you through life.” And this is true. I am allowed to live a good and easy life.

In thankfulness and love, Theresia


Beloved Madhukarji, beloved Master,

Sitting with you in Satsang feels like a warm, cosy breeze, caressing one softly and lovingly. Silence and peace are here in which one wants to dive in deeper and deeper. I know my family is well protected by you while I am here. So I do not have to worry, I can relax and enjoy. Nothing is lacking here. A precious time.

In thankfulness and love,




Beloved Madhukarji,

The beauty of every Satsang, the beauty of all the devotional service, the beauty of yoga, a massage, Kirtan, two bananas, the beauty of the stillness that is held in such reverence by everyone here…. If one can die in the gratitude of such privilege to be here then it’s a good thing I updated my will before leaving America. In an effort to express my gratitude I would like to make another vow. A vow to divorce the bedmate of unworthiness and to say YES to being a bride of Arunachala.

Eternally Yours


Beloved Guruji!

Being here with you at the Arunachala is very precious to me. To be with you, in whatever way, is very precious. I am very thankful for the certainty that you are my Guru. Because only a Guru can lead savely through this darkness of the mind. I am very thankful for each second I am allowed to be with you. My trust in you is very strong, this I had from the very beginning on, this has always been there. This man you can trust, was the first thing arising inside of me seeing your picture for the first time. 14 years ago!



Beloved Master, beloved Ferryman,

Relaxed and joyful I see myself in this ferryboat, crossing the ocean of Samsara, with you beloved Master being the Captain, calmly, clear, targeted. I know and I experience that you are a great Master who knows all the shallow water and all the dangerous ocean currents, knowing exactly where we are going. With patience and immeasurable love – Home! The ocean of Samsara is treacherous, many dangers lurk, delusions and disorientation. In deep and loving trust in our beloved Captain I know I will arrive savely and blissfully. Thank you beloved Master for the grace and this great present being allowed to be on board.

Love, Johannes

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  • Yuliya

    Madhukar, my dear teacher! When do you come back to Novosibirsk? Communication with you changes my life for the best.

    1. April 2015
  • Verena

    Beloved Madhukar! Why does it heart so much not to be close to you! There is no separation! Is it all just delusion again?

    1. April 2015
  • Ksjuscha

    Thank you for the time spent with you in India!

    14. June 2015

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