You are always serving us

Beloved Master!

Thank you from my heart! The only thing really important is to focus on you beloved Master, andto completely trust you in each moment regardless what happens. To remain in your presence isa present. The present of the living Master, it is grace! To sit at your feet in Satsang is the most precious thing there is, and being in your presence is always Satsang, doesn’t matter where oneis. Each word, each gesture from you is coming out of the Here and Now, and whether I like it ornot is totally unimportant, because it serves me, and I am thankful for this, because by this you liberate me from my notions, my concepts, my attachments. You show me that nothing is as it seems. There the mind stops all by itself to evaluate, mind has not the slightest chance, and then there is only peace.
I am aware that Being with you is a continuous teaching, and that it happens out of pure love, and for this I am so thankful to you! Yes, what is more beautiful than serving you! This retreat here at the holy mountain showed me once more that it is my biggest joy to serve you and that in truth I cannot serve you because in everything that happens, in everything that you do, you are always only serving me (us).

Love fills my heart just thinking of you, and I am eternally grateful that I was allowed to meet you!

Om Shanti
Yours, Satya

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  • Heidemarie

    Thank you dear Satya for this very touching wonderful and true report. All I can say to this is “Yes”. Being with our Master is pure grace!!

    1. April 2015
  • Elisabetta

    What you are writing is so beautiful and true! thank you dear Satya! You are speaking what I feel in my heart!

    1. April 2015
  • Ingrid

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you dearest Satya for putting all of this into words…eternal love and everlasting blessing. Thankfulness also to you beloved Master, for everything, simply everything what you are giving to me. Ingrid

    1. April 2015

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