An Auspicious Introduction

It is the Sadguru who offers his blessings
and showers the disciple with bliss.
It is because of him that the entire creation
becomes filled with happiness and bliss.

He is the creator of bliss.
He is the authority of “Liberation
through Identification with the Self” (Sayujya Mukti),
And the one who bestows oneness with Brahman.
He is the brother of those who are friendless.

The seeker of liberation is like the chataka bird
who sings softly to the sky for rain,
and the Guru is like the sky which showers
the waters of blessings on the aspirant.

The Guru is the ship of correct understanding that
carries one to the other shore of worldly life.
He is the great support for devotees in the whirlpool
of worldly existence.

He is the ruler of time who provides relief from life`s
calamities. He is the mother of the devotee who is
exceedingly affectionate.

He is the support of spiritual seekers that is the Life
which is not of this world. He is the place of rest,
and the comfort of one’s residence that is of the nature
of happiness itself.

Like this is the Sadguru who is whole and complete.
He breaks the delusion of duality and body-consciousness
I lay in prostration to Him.


Spiritual Instruction for the Servant
Saint Shri Samartha Ramdas (17th Century)
Chapter 7 / 1

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  • Pri-Ya

    Papaji Ki Jai Ho, Jai Sri Ramana, om in all!

    17. July 2015

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