Guru’s Grace

Guru's Grace

Guru’s Grace

Those who are yoked to samsara
by the twin karmas [good and bad]
that arise through ignorance,
the powerful dense delusion, suffer.
The devotion and longing they feel
for the grace of the Guru,
who has taken responsibility for them,
is alone the medicine for dispelling their
mental anguish.

Since his glance transmutes the rusty
iron that is the jiva into the gold that is the
taint-free jnana-swarupa, the grace-bestowing
eyes of the Guru-Lord are the potent alchemical
substance that transmutes by a mere glance.
Therefore, search thoroughly to eradicate your
impurity, and worship him to earn his glance.

“The Greatness of the Guru”
verses from ‘Guru Vachaka Kovai’

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  • Andrea

    Beloved Madhukar Ji, Grace is something wonderful. In the deepest heart love and bliss are bubbling. Peace is always here, it is something wonderful. One sinks and merges into it. From the loving heart great thankfulness.The heart is something special and strong, infinite.
    Thank you, LOVE Andrea

    20. July 2015
  • Conny

    Selam aleyküm beloved Master. We are in the heart of Anatolia, and despite the big distance you are very present to us. There is no separation.
    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

    20. July 2015

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