The true form of the Guru

True form of the Guru

The true form of the Guru

The true form of the Guru can be known only
if one realises, through the grace of the Guru,
one`s one real form.
The form of the jnana-Guru that bestows an
abundance of grace is Sivam, who abides within
oneself as pure consciousness.
No one has the ability to describe the power
of the grace of the Guru abiding in mauna (silence).
The greatness of noble disciples is that they obtain
clear knowledge by trusting and believing in their
heart that the Guru`s form is the embodiment of grace.
The disciple who completely surrenders
himself to the Guru will attain the life of true jnana,
the auspicious life.
The true meaning of namaskaram is the ego
bowing its head and getting destroyed.

Source: Padamalai
by Muruganar

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