The Worship of the Master’s Lotus feet

Worship the lotus feet

Śrī Guru-vandanā
The worship of the spiritual master’s lotusfeet.

1) The lotus feet of our spiritual master
are the only way by which we can attain
pure devotional service. I bow to his lotus feet
with great awe and reverence.
My beloved Guru-bahen, my beloved Guru-bhai:
By his grace one can cross
the ocean of material suffering and obtain
the mercy of Kṛṣṇa.

2) My only wish is to have my consciousness
purified by the words emanating from his lotus
mouth. Attachment to his lotus feet is the perfection
that fulfills all desires.

3) He opens my darkened eyes and fills my heart
with transcendental knowledge. He is my Lord birth
after birth. From him ecstatic prema emanates;
by him ignorance is destroyed.
The Vedic scriptures sing of his character.

4) Our spiritual master is the ocean of mercy,
the friend of the poor, and the lord and master
of the devotees.
O master! Be merciful unto me.
Give me the shade of your lotus feet.
Your fame is spread all over the three worlds.

from: Prema-bhakti-candrikā



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One comment

  • Arati

    Mere Gurudev, charanon par sumana shraddha ke arpita hai.
    My Gurudev, I offer these flowers of my faith at your feet.
    Mein Gurudev, mein gottgleicher Guru,
    Diese Blüten meines Vertrauens lege ich Ihnen zu Füßen.

    5. August 2015

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