The love that is our true nature

Retreat ‘Dolce Vita’ Tuscany, Italy July 12 – August 2, 2015
with Guru Purnima Celebration July, 30 – August 1, 2015

The love that is our true nature

The love I mean is the love that is our true nature.
And our true nature reveals itself in the absence of mind.
Pure consciousness is.
It comes without effort.
It is our nature.

Sri Madhukarji

Source: “Oneness” by Madhukar
ISBN: 978-3-033-05166-9
Photo: © Darshana

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  • Cornelia

    Beloved Guruji, thank you for a wonderful, happy, loving Guru Purnima celebration, thank you for the loughter and all the joy we experience in the NOW.

    5. August 2015
  • Julia

    Thank you for your continuous Being in the Now, and for all guidance you provide on my path into and in the Now, beloved Guruji. Thank you. Om Shanti.

    5. August 2015
  • Szilard

    Thank you Beloved Father for this amazing Guru Purnima to be in Peace and Love!
    And the answer of the question of the track is

    5. August 2015
  • Saraswati

    Beloved Guru Ji! Happy Guru Purnima! Thank You for Endless Flowering which is makes me happy all the time! Love, Saraswati

    5. August 2015
  • Ganishiji

    Happy Guru Purnima to you beloved Madhukarji!

    5. August 2015
  • Sindhu

    Beloved Madhukar Ji,
    Whenever I have nothing,
    I touch nothing.
    Whenever I think nothing,
    I am nothing.
    Whenever I am nothing,
    I am loving!

    5. August 2015
  • Darshana

    Happy Guru Purnima from Berlin!

    5. August 2015
  • Benjamin

    thanks, guruji !

    5. August 2015
  • Prema

    Gorgeous Guru Purnima Beloved
    Master Madhukar Ji, Self, Heart.

    5. August 2015
  • Sina

    Happy Guru Purnima Beloved !

    5. August 2015
  • Kutschi

    Happy Guru Purnima, beloved Madhukarji!

    5. August 2015
  • Naima

    Amato Guruji, Le auguro un felice Guru Purnima!
    Grazie dal profondo mio cuore!
    Madhukarji ki jai ho!

    5. August 2015
  • Biljana

    Beloved Guruji, wishing you beautiful and loving Guru Purnima… may your heart be warmly embraced from all the love, beautiful singing and joyfull dancing during celebration. Love

    5. August 2015
  • Satya

    Beloved Master❤ Happy Guru Purnima!

    5. August 2015
  • Albina

    Happy Guru Purnima!

    5. August 2015
  • Hildegard

    Happy Guru Purnima !

    5. August 2015
  • Janaka

    Happy Guru Purnima !!

    5. August 2015
  • Atma

    Love and Grateful rejoice is always in your presence, Beloved Madhukar Ji, Happy Guru Purnima!

    5. August 2015
  • Brigitte

    Happy Guru Purnima!!

    5. August 2015
  • Dorothee

    Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu
    Guru Devo Maheswarah
    Guru Sakshath Parabrahma
    Thasmai Sri Gurave Namah.
    Our hearts are full of love like this brilliant full moon night
    together we celebrate
    this night to honor our Guruji in joy appreciation and gratitude

    5. August 2015
  • Amara

    With Love and Thankfulness from Berlin
    Happy Guru Purnima!
    Amara, Benjamin und Joy

    5. August 2015
  • Aneca

    with love for my Master

    5. August 2015
  • Eberhard

    Happy Guru Purnima beloved Master!

    5. August 2015
  • La Anja

    Happy Guru Purnima Beloved!

    5. August 2015
  • Sonali

    Happy Guru Purnima beloved Father !
    Much love from yours Sonali

    5. August 2015
  • Vladimir

    Happy Guru Purnima,Beloved Madhukar Ji!
    Love and Heart Embrace from Izhevsk!

    5. August 2015
  • Anders

    Dear Madhukar Ji!
    Wish you a wonderful Guru Purnima. Hope to join you all another year.
    With love

    5. August 2015

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