The Grace of Guru Purnima

Grace of Guru Purnima

The Grace of Guru Purnima

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  • Sunita

    Thank you from my heart for all the grace and love beloved Madhukarji! It was wonderful to celebrate Guru Purnima with you. Such a blessing celebration! Thank you!

    13. August 2015
  • Dakini

    Thank you beloved Guruji, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Grace of Guru Purnima

    13. August 2015
  • Asisa

    The grace of Guru Purnima – blessing for all beings. Thankfulness and gratitude beloved Master!

    13. August 2015
  • Kranti

    om namo guru dev ….

    13. August 2015
  • Murugan

    i saw THAT too, what a sight ! what a wonder ! Thank you so much for all this happiness, for all this joy share among such beautiful happy people.

    13. August 2015
  • Pablo

    No words can tell! Jai Gurudev!

    13. August 2015
  • Shivani

    Thank you beloved Guruji for this most intense and beautiful Guru Purnima celebration and every single moment at this beautiful place. Thank you for the gift to bath in this Grace every moment.

    13. August 2015
  • Satya

    Oh yes! What a Grace to be with you!

    13. August 2015
  • Nadja

    Bello, gracias namadté

    13. August 2015
  • Albina

    Thank you so much for the Grace of Guru Purnima! Love to you

    13. August 2015
  • Renate

    Bowing down in deep gratitude for this grace! Mere Guru Dev, my beloved Guruji Madhukar, no more words for This Mystery of Love!

    13. August 2015
  • Achim

    In deep thankfulness for the grace of this Master lineage who has saved me. Achim

    13. August 2015
  • Szilard

    Thank you Beloved Father for this amazing Guru Purnima to be in Peace and Love!

    13. August 2015

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