Freshness of Now

Freshness Of Now

Freshness of Now


Dear Madhukar,

I am deeply touched by your energy and love, from your deep and radical and still so simple message to finally being One. I am very thankful for your presence, your books, CDs and for your time you are spending with us. Thank you also that you are answering our questions.

In deep love and surrender,

Beloved Madhukar,

For me this retreat is the very first one of its kind.
First I thought it just happened by accident that I registered for it but now it seems to be fate.
And this fate is happiness and joy.
THANK YOU from the bottom of my filled heart.

Love and respect

Revered Master Madhukarji!

Thankful for your loving, clear and tireless instructions into the Absolute and for your powerful presence, my life more and more turns into the mystery of Beingness. How could I ever thank you? You unconditionally offer yourself in every single moment.

In deep love
your Arati

Beloved Krisna,

Thank you for your clarity and pure love.

In surrender,

Beloved Madhukarji,

We all feel the endless grace for you being here. Thank your that the “one unconditioned loving Beingness” which is embodied by you is always supporting us in such a loving care and attentiveness.

In love and union

Beloved Master Madhukarji,

You shed your love into my heart and I happily pass it on to all beings.
My heart is vast as the ocean, still as the sky and the sea.
I rest in the arms of the One, full of love and devotion.

Thank you,


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  • Miriam

    THANK YOU SO MUCH beloved MADHUKAR! I am so HAPPY now like i haven´t been
    for a long time! The flowers are smiling at me and people are coming my…with so much love! Gratitude to you! Thank you!*

    7. September 2015

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