The living Master

The living Master

The living Master is not something
that happens because of needing, but by grace.
When you are kissed by grace, then,
due to your longing for freedom,
a living Master manifests.
Therefore, by grace.
And the living Master directs you to your true Self.
The seeker comes here, burdened with lots of concepts,
programs and the experiences of his life.
The one who wants to be free has no choice,
as less as a drowning man has a choice
when he is drowning in a lake or in the ocean.
In the ocean of Samsara, the ignorance and confusion,
and somebody comes and saves him.
Then, once you are saved, it will show whether you are still
connected in thankfulness with the one who has rescued you
or whether it was a temporary encounter.
That will show by itself.
Then you have the choice to again get lost
in this ocean of confusion with its vortexes and high waves,
or remain secure, at the secure shore of realization,
of love and the heart.

Bhagavan Sri Madhukarji

Baden-Baden, 31.05.09

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  • Satya

    Beloved Madhukarji! Wow…what a powerful, bombastic,fantastic weekend with you in Vienna, breaking down all barriers. It seems to me like years have passed, not only three days. Thank you for this tremendous grace being allowed to be in your presence, and thank you for the peace in the heart which is always there! Love, yours, Satya

    26. September 2015
  • Doro

    it is so full of grace with you Guruji!
    Thank you for this beauty of life!

    26. September 2015
  • Gert

    Beloved Master, I am eternally grateful that you came into my life. This is grace, and my search for truth is over. Now I can start with real self inquiry. Thank you, love, Gert!

    27. October 2015

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