Living in the NOW – Online Congress 2016

LEBEN IM JETZT / LIVING IN THE NOW - Online Congress 2016 with Sri Madhukarji

Friend of silence, friend of happiness!

Today we invite you to a special Event:

From March 1 – 11 the 1st International Online Congress
LEBEN IM JETZT / LIVING IN THE NOW 2016 will take place.

Sri Madhukarji and 23 other international experts will speak on the subject spirituality, awareness and the most important questions of BEING human.

Amongst others in the interview host Stefan Licht will ask questions like:

Why are joy of life, true happiness and inner peace intrinsically tied to the NOW?

Why is suffering not possible in the NOW?

Is enlightenment our true nature of NOW?

What is preventing us from consciously and happily living in the NOW?

Sri Madhukarji, founder of the ‘Yoga of Silence’, particularly focuses on making peace experienceable to people through silence.


Sri Madhukarji, founder of the 'Yoga of Silence', particularly focuses on making peace experienceable to people through silence.

You are heartily invited to immerse in the depth of the Now with Sri Madhukarji and the other 23 top experts for 11 days. Every day two experts will be introduced in a video interview.

The interview with Sri Madhukarji – directly from sunny Goa in India – will be shown from March 2, 7 ­­­pm, until March 3, 7 pm (German with English subtitles).

Further information and free registration until February 29 under:

We are looking forward to your participation!

Nothing but love
Your Madhukar Organisation

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  • That is the truth. With big devotion and compassion, Madhukar is pointing out the source of all beingness which is underlying everything. In the end a matter of orientation, of realization, of devotion, of the inner reflective pause and most of all grace. One single experience can shape the further course of life, because we can recognize the illusion of identification. Norbert

    3. March 2016
  • Spela

    Great interview! Simplicity and clarity! Thank you very much!

    3. March 2016
  • RamDas

    It’s pure clarity! Beautiful!

    3. March 2016
  • Deva

    Thank you beloved Madhukarji! I enjoyed it very much! It’s a very powerful Satsang! Much stillness!!!

    3. March 2016
  • Asisa

    Living in the Now! Thank you very much for this great interview. Pointing out the Truth!!

    3. March 2016
  • Satya

    Very powerful video, very clear and your presence can be felt very strongly. Thank You!

    3. March 2016
  • Hildegard

    thank you so much beloved Master, the interview is wonderful! Its greace seeing and hearing you. Great!

    3. March 2016
  • Anja Sylvie

    Thank you beloved Madhuar Ji for your powerful presence, in truth, clarity and LOVE in the NOW! Online ~ Congress „LIVING IN THE NOW“. THIS IS grace in the Here & NOW“. Love Anja Sylvie Aude

    5. March 2016

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