Retreat ‘Mystery of Oneness’ in Goa, India, January 9 – 23, 2016

Goa love

Here is Leela’s fresh report of this year’s retreat ‘Mystery of Oneness’ in Goa, India. Enjoy!

Hi everybody,

here is my personal report of our ‘Mystery of Oneness’ retreat in Goa this January:

We had sublime Satsangs with our very loving Master Madhukar. He shared a great deal of wisdom with us and many times played some real cool music during Satsang. Whoever put this in a song is absolutely right: ‘God is a DJ!’
Sometimes we also had ‘Ecstatic Dancing’ Satsang – magical and thrilling!!

We stayed at ‘Free Flow Yoga Center’ again, directly at the beach – a really great location with a new Yoga spot on the roof top of the three-storey neighbor house with a great view to the ocean, palms, sand beach and sky.

And yes, we worked out a lot! Lohita taught her professional Yoga sessions each morning, and Satsang was above the third floor – each time you forgot something you had to climb up and down all those steps… besides, of course, splashing around in this marvelous warm ocean water, jogging at the endless sand beach during sun set, playing beach ball, hunting the Frisbee…


Yoga with Lohita @ The Beach
We had tremendous fun at the Saturday Night Market and we enjoyed the legendary sun sets at ‘Anjuna beach’ with its magical fire-dance party beach nights. Quite amusing were two guys – obviously newbies – strolling through the market, dressed like ‘The last of the Mohican & Jedi Knight’, while one was saying to the other: ‘Hey, man we ain’t even slightly sticking out around here!’

Then there was our jungle trip to the holy Banyan-Tree. Madhukar was sitting with a Sadhu there, and chatting in such a witty and yet extremely wise way – what an experience!

Banyan tree meeting
When we left the jungle it was already dark. We were thirsty and stopped off at a beach shack where we had some beer with our Master. Then we moved on for dinner to another paradise beach shack, where we were getting served all this delicious food and fresh fruit juices at midnight.

Madhukar held public Satsang in the ‘Love Temple’ in Arambol and in ‘Anahata’ in Ashvem Beach. It was very moving to experience the very first encounter of new people – coming to be and sit face to face – with a master. Beautiful dialogues arose and it was just great to see how people seized the chance.

Goa Public Satsang

The Master spent a lot of time with us, and each time after public Satsang he joined us for dinner!

Goa has its own very unique power and energy, and the retreats with Madhukar are so fantastic there. I heard one of the participants say, a young lady from the US: ‘If people knew what an enormous blessing these retreats with Madhukar in Goa are they would flock in crowds…’

Goa Walk At The Beach

People call it ‘Golden Goa’, and Goa emanates its gold bounteously on to everybody just like the Master who so generously bestows love and freedom upon everyone approaching him. Needless to say, I have already booked for the next year!


Love and freedom – is that what you want to experience also? Then come to the Goa retreat!
The date for next year are Saturday, January 7 – Saturday, January 21, 2017.

Happy People @ The Beach
Foto 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 © Darshana

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  • RamDas

    Beloved Guruji!
    This year’s retreat with You in Goa.. I haven’t been there physically, but now I’ve read about it.. Sounds like ‘nothing but love’ & lots of fun!

    3. April 2016
  • Gopika

    Yoga of Silence rocks for everybody, everywhere at any time!
    What a grace!

    3. April 2016

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