Love will win

There is a new film about Madhukar and Yoga of Silence. Made by Parago Seiler during the Dolce Vita retreat this year in Tuscany/Italy. Dolce Vita, Guru Purnima, Self enquiry, yoga and a healthy lifestyle. Life with Madhukar as a modern Master and Guru. Check it out, click on play!

Madhukar – Who am I

Madhukar, a modern master of Advaita,
introduction in a ritual and a healthy lifestyle.
A short film by Parago Seiler.

This post is also available in: German


  • Arjuna

    What a great movie! Love will win!

    21. October 2016
  • Kutschi

    Great movie! Absolutely beautiful. Truth and grace. Thankful for Your Being, Beloved Guruji!

    21. October 2016
  • Asisa

    Great movie! Love will win! One Love!

    21. October 2016
  • Mara

    Wow!!! So amazing!

    21. October 2016
  • Deva

    Very clear and lovely film!!! Thank you beloved Master!
    And thanks to all who made this possible!

    21. October 2016
  • Igor

    Wonderful! Grace and truth!

    21. October 2016
  • Anja

    Beautiful and fantastic film…amazing…clear and wonderful!! Love will win!

    21. October 2016
  • Achim

    Thank you beloved Madhukarji for showing me with authority who I am!

    21. October 2016
  • Zen

    Well done Bro, I love this Guru…. Guru Guru….

    21. October 2016
  • Shivani

    Simple and clear. Wonderful – may many, many get the message

    21. October 2016
  • Ganishiji

    Wow, very noble Video! Well well…and made really awesome…it is also great shot & cut! I like it!

    21. October 2016
  • Sasha

    Люблю Тебя очень!

    21. October 2016
  • Saraswati

    I like Guru Purnima, Purna, Lohita and all Sangha!

    21. October 2016
  • Sven

    Great movie! everything is included!

    21. October 2016

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