Love letter from the Awakening Retreat

Beloved Master Madhukarji!

I want to share an experience I’ve got in chanting session with Sofia. When we were chanting OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYA somebody with dark blue skin approached me an in spite the vision was not very clear my whole being immediately recognized him. This recognition is still vibrating in me.
I always like and enjoy chanting, and now out of my own experience it  turned to be not only a pleasure, but also something holy and mysterious.
Thank you from my heart for including chanting in Awakening retreat and many thanks to Sofia for sharing this sacred Beauty with us.

With love,
Amrita, Moscow


Flower of Love

Dearest Madhukar!

When you were close to me, so close, that I could see the sky in your eyes, a tiny spark of your soul pierced my heart and awakened the volcano of feelings from which the fire flower of  forever burning  love to you has grown! And I realized that I loved you always! By your grace the most beautiful Flower was put directly into my heart at last satsang.  Flower petals opened one by one – it was wonderful! So beautiful and touching! Now the flower is materialized in this mandala which I made for You! I put in it all feelings I have for You, my beloved Master! Let its petals shine with tenderness and while looking at it you see my Heart!

Thanks you for Your Grace, Compassion and Love to me. Every day, every minute, every second I love You and this is such a happiness! To fall in love with You is the second among greatest things in this world! And the first one – is to meet You! Loving You is like breathing …  I just can’t stop!  I want I am locked in Your heart, and I want the key is thrown away!  I love You, I love Your World!

How much I want to say and wanted to say … I learn English and I hope to experience many more “blessed” moments with You!

Your Alesya