Very deep

 Glückskinder. Enlighten Life Retreat on the island of Sylt - Glückskind 2017 with Madhukar, modern master of Advaita.
Some weeks ago I arrived back home from a wonderful retreat with Madhukar on the island of Sylt.

There is a very deep and profound joy that spreads inside of me, and sitting in Satsang with Madhukar consolidated that. It was overwhelmingly joyful to participate in a retreat again. During this week on Sylt I felt a great gratitude for the stillness inside of me.

I’m so grateful to Madhukar for keeping this lineage from Ramana Maharshi alive so I could recognize who I am.

Love Mukti

Like A Bird In Morningland. Enlighten Life Retreat on the island of Sylt - Glückskind 2017 with Madhukar, modern master of Advaita.

Merely Being

Merely Being. With Madhukar, the modern Advaita master during the retreat "Sommerlust" in Kitzbühel, Austria. Madhukar particularly focuses in his Enlighten Life events and retreats worldwide on making peace experienceable to people through silence.

Just like in deep sleep
Nevertheless aware
Far from any attachment
No story
No past
No future
Merely being


Dolce Vita

And then one day
S H E discovered that she was F I E R C E… and S T R O N G,
and full of FIRE
and that she couldn’t hold herself back anymore because her P A S S I O N and LV E burned brighter then her F E A R…
Back to the purest version of myself full of an view of love.

No words would be ever enough to thank you for bringing me in this wild amazing adventure and let me see a knowledge that started from your DOLCE VITA RETREAT.

Grateful to you beloved Madhukar Ji


Mariam Burhan

Madhukar, a modern master of Advaita, introduction in a ritual and a healthy lifestyle. A short film by Parago Seiler.

During the making of the film also the Tuscany Talks were recorded. Interviews with Madhukar. These will also be posted soon on this page. So keep in touch.

How to be free

And now even more “Dolce Vita”! Renato shares his experience during this retreat in Tuscany in an interview by Arati:

“How do you like it being here?”
R: “It’s very nice! Nice nature, nice people and spending time with Madhukar is always great!”

“What is your experience during this retreat?“
R: “The most important is that Madhukarji showed me how to feel free!
This is the most important thing that I have experienced here in this retreat.“

“And is there something which you will take over in your so called daily life when you return back home to Slowenia?“
R: “Yeah, I will definitely sit in silence every day and I will practice what I learned here – like relaxed belly breathing- and I will question myself ‘Who am I?’ To see where thoughts and emotions arise.“

Videos, photos, information about events and retreats and posts by Madhukar you’ll find on the facebook site

There was light streaming from his eyes

Madhukar with participant John Shiva during this years' retreat "Dolce Vita" in Tuscany, Italy. Three weeks of Advaita, Satsang, Silence, yoga, meditation, relaxation and vegetarian Italian food and wine.

John Shiva from Hawaii was in this years’ summer retreat with Madhukar in Tuscany and writes:

Buongiorno Amici! I am leaving Italy after a fantastic few weeks here with a friend and recently joined by her sweet daughter. Our journey started with a flight into Rome and a several hour drive up North into the Tuscany countryside. We were going to a silence retreat with Madhukar, an enlightened master we met in India last winter.

I do not take the term “enlightened master” lightly. I have met many excellent teachers in my lifetime. I have met many exceptionally loving and kind human beings in my lifetime. Madhukar is different and something new for me entirely. His very being exudes a level of internal silence and love that I have not encountered before. I recall meeting him at a Satsang held in a room in a humble hotel in Rishikesh last February. I received Darshan from him and as I looked into his gaze of pure love I was overwhelmed with the beauty. There was literally light streaming from his eyes. His ego had dissolved to the point where it was as if I was looking into the very eyes of God. I felt profoundly uplifted and effortlessly peaceful.


I immediately fell in love with him and resolved to go to one of his retreats on the spot. So that is how we found ourselves to be with him again in Italy. We found Madhukar to be as amazing as we remembered him. During Satsang he is a model of perfect peace and love. Outside of Satsang he is still peaceful and loving, but also unpretentious, fun, funny, healthy, intelligent and not averse to enjoying the pleasures of the world. We shared many bottles of wine over long dinners at night and occasionally went adventuring with him to local towns.

Together in Italy

The retreat was a simple affair. Meditation at 7:30. Yoga at 8:15. Breakfast at 9:15 and Satsang at 11. After that a long and restful afternoon hanging out or perhaps adventuring to a local town, garden, hot spring or other countryside attraction. There was often a Satsang in the evening as well.

Satsangs consisted of a longer meditation followed by dancing or questions to Madhukar or perhaps a very short teaching. He doesn’t teach much with words. He calls his teaching the “Yoga of Silence”. The main point is to silence the mind machine and come back to your true self which is a deep well of peace and happiness. This peace and happiness is always present and one can choose to dwell in it any moment (or not). As we are usually on auto-drive by our brain/ego, we often trade this inherent peace out for emptional dramas, striving, distractions, struggling or literally anything else our ego can come up with to keep the self from experiencing this profound silence and peace.

After a couple of weeks of meditation, satsangs, darshan, plenty of rest and hanging out with a community of high vibe people I feel totally rewired. I find my mind effortlessly silent as I go through my days. I realize that after so much effort in my life to “find truth”, spiritual searching, studying and striving, that the answer to spiritual peace is so simple and so easy. It is and has always been fully available to me my whole life. It’s written in the title on famous books I have read such as “Be Here Now” and “The Power of Now”. And yet to make the leap to actually living like this on a daily basis feels revolutionary to me.

That day on the beach

My friend described an insight that she had that she has always felt that she had to “rise above” to find inner peace. And yet as she realized the reality is this deep well of peace and happiness is one that is always present BELOW the surface of our ever chattering mind. To reach it requires no striving, no workshops, no practices. One simply has to relax into it. When I find myself out of this peace I simply let go of the mind machine and allow it to happen again. It’s a continual realization that at any moment one can choose peace OR the ego-drama or distraction of the moment. Of course meditation and other practices can help but are not required. It’s so easy!

So this has been a big couple of weeks for me. Many thanks and a deep bow to Madhukar who is a living example of the attainment of true peace and happiness. Also thanks to the kind folks of the Sangha who put this retreat together. It was truly a lovely and rejuvenating experience.

John Shiva

Lucky & happy




A bottomless abundance

Silent Lake. Silence retreat with Madhukar at Lake Starnberg.

Namaste Master Madhukar!

It was a deep joy for me to sit in silence with you and the Sangha.
And there was a new quality! Silence with undivided attention, breathtaking silence!
Thoughts and feelings come and go, don’t burden. Deep relaxation, total enjoyment. A bottomless abundance. I have enjoyed running in the wet grass. I have enjoyed to smell the fine scent of the flowers, the wet earth, the trees. I have enjoyed to look at the ever returning soft waves of the lake and to observe the bees and butterflies playing together. And to feel the taste when polenta and white wine touch the tongue.
It was marvelous, of a rare simplicity. And even more seldom and deeper: full of love and tenderness.

Dear Madhukarji, thank you from my heart for these insights into silence!

Kind regards, Rainer