A bottomless abundance

Silent Lake. Silence retreat with Madhukar at Lake Starnberg.

Namaste Master Madhukar!

It was a deep joy for me to sit in silence with you and the Sangha.
And there was a new quality! Silence with undivided attention, breathtaking silence!
Thoughts and feelings come and go, don’t burden. Deep relaxation, total enjoyment. A bottomless abundance. I have enjoyed running in the wet grass. I have enjoyed to smell the fine scent of the flowers, the wet earth, the trees. I have enjoyed to look at the ever returning soft waves of the lake and to observe the bees and butterflies playing together. And to feel the taste when polenta and white wine touch the tongue.
It was marvelous, of a rare simplicity. And even more seldom and deeper: full of love and tenderness.

Dear Madhukarji, thank you from my heart for these insights into silence!

Kind regards, Rainer


Realization without a manual

Realization without a manual. Experience report Yoga of Silence with Madhukar in Ulm. Madhukar, founder of the ‘Yoga of Silence’ and Advaita master, particularly focuses on making peace experienceable to people through silence.

Experience report Yoga of Silence

It must have been in September last year when I heard about it the first time. RamDas told me about it. Yoga of Silence – realization through silence. What? Simply just by silence? Without instructions? Unimaginable for me, working as a coach, trainer and consultant. No training without a sophisticated concept, a detailed training, without a specific training design, in coaching I use questioning techniques…

I was fascinated! And very curious and I wanted to know more…

Saturday one week ago I finally had the opportunity to speak with RamDas more in detail and he told me that the very next day Yoga of Silence would take place in Ulm. I did not have to think for long before I decided to go there. I wanted to experience it… So I drove to Ulm, my home town where I was born – nice coincidence.

From the very beginning, starting with the welcoming, I was touched by the respectful and loving interaction of the participants. No instruction, so I was just watching and simply did what the others were doing. A very friendly support I received being told that I should sit in the front, being here the first time, and already should occupy a seat. So now we had the first 45 minutes silence period. With Madhukar, who has an unbelievable strong presence and a very loving and positive radiance. After the silence period he spoke to us. To me “thankfulness” was the most important thing of what he said. To be thankful…

I experienced the long eye contacts as very intense and pleasant when he was beaming at each participant – also at me – with his bright shining eyes. Well I cannot really express it differently. Very good to sit in front… After the lunch break we had the second silence period. There we were told to sense our true Self, which is not the everyday-I that we know. Then Madhukar was gone again… I am happy that my two biggest fears have not come true: I did not fall asleep and in my head it did not continue thinking. I really did come to rest. In the second silence period I even got an idea – at least a trace – of my true Self. Is this possible?

Driving home I was asking questions again. I am an analytical person so I want to understand, but it seems it cannot be explained. But now I would be blessed! Ok, and how do I notice this, by what means did this happen and when, I asked myself. However, these questions are no longer loud because somehow it does not matter, because it is just feeling good, even without explanation!

A week later I was still thinking of Yoga of Silence. And I have the impression that my thinking and my experiencing have changed somehow. I am much more conscious, more thankful, and I now can focus and concentrate on the essentials. I am feeling much more inner peace and happiness. ‚Something‘ seems to have worked out very well. Thank you RamDas for the impulse and the invitation, thank you Madhukar for the silence!




Retreat ‘Mystery of Oneness’ in Goa, India, January 9 – 23, 2016

Goa love

Here is Leela’s fresh report of this year’s retreat ‘Mystery of Oneness’ in Goa, India. Enjoy!

Hi everybody,

here is my personal report of our ‘Mystery of Oneness’ retreat in Goa this January:

We had sublime Satsangs with our very loving Master Madhukar. He shared a great deal of wisdom with us and many times played some real cool music during Satsang. Whoever put this in a song is absolutely right: ‘God is a DJ!’
Sometimes we also had ‘Ecstatic Dancing’ Satsang – magical and thrilling!!

We stayed at ‘Free Flow Yoga Center’ again, directly at the beach – a really great location with a new Yoga spot on the roof top of the three-storey neighbor house with a great view to the ocean, palms, sand beach and sky.

And yes, we worked out a lot! Lohita taught her professional Yoga sessions each morning, and Satsang was above the third floor – each time you forgot something you had to climb up and down all those steps… besides, of course, splashing around in this marvelous warm ocean water, jogging at the endless sand beach during sun set, playing beach ball, hunting the Frisbee…


Yoga with Lohita @ The Beach
We had tremendous fun at the Saturday Night Market and we enjoyed the legendary sun sets at ‘Anjuna beach’ with its magical fire-dance party beach nights. Quite amusing were two guys – obviously newbies – strolling through the market, dressed like ‘The last of the Mohican & Jedi Knight’, while one was saying to the other: ‘Hey, man we ain’t even slightly sticking out around here!’

Then there was our jungle trip to the holy Banyan-Tree. Madhukar was sitting with a Sadhu there, and chatting in such a witty and yet extremely wise way – what an experience!

Banyan tree meeting
When we left the jungle it was already dark. We were thirsty and stopped off at a beach shack where we had some beer with our Master. Then we moved on for dinner to another paradise beach shack, where we were getting served all this delicious food and fresh fruit juices at midnight.

Madhukar held public Satsang in the ‘Love Temple’ in Arambol and in ‘Anahata’ in Ashvem Beach. It was very moving to experience the very first encounter of new people – coming to be and sit face to face – with a master. Beautiful dialogues arose and it was just great to see how people seized the chance.

Goa Public Satsang

The Master spent a lot of time with us, and each time after public Satsang he joined us for dinner!

Goa has its own very unique power and energy, and the retreats with Madhukar are so fantastic there. I heard one of the participants say, a young lady from the US: ‘If people knew what an enormous blessing these retreats with Madhukar in Goa are they would flock in crowds…’

Goa Walk At The Beach

People call it ‘Golden Goa’, and Goa emanates its gold bounteously on to everybody just like the Master who so generously bestows love and freedom upon everyone approaching him. Needless to say, I have already booked for the next year!


Love and freedom – is that what you want to experience also? Then come to the Goa retreat!
The date for next year are Saturday, January 7 – Saturday, January 21, 2017.

Happy People @ The Beach
Foto 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 © Darshana

This moment is all there is – Retreat “Glückskind”, Sylt


From August 15 until August 22, 2015 I participated in the retreat “Glückskind” on Sylt. It was a very exhilarating experience.
We were 20 people. During the entire retreat there was so much love and devotion that a wonderful energy was coming up.
During Satsang with Madhukarji which took place in the mornings and evenings, a tremendous presence could be felt, and the energy even increased. Only the moment, Beingness was existing – no past, no future, no present – all became one. I never experienced a retreat of this intensity. It was a time full of harmony and love.

A participant of the retreat “Glückskind”

Sylt Retreat Glückskind

Retreat Glückskind – Sylt 2014 Janmashtami – Krishna´s Geburtstag


Durch die Neugier auf Sylt, die als schönste Insel Deutschlands gilt und Krishnas Geburtstag werde ich dazu bewegt, mich fürs Retreat Glückskind anzumelden. Ich staune selbst wie es zu diesem Impuls kommt.

Kurz vor der Reise taucht der mir nicht unbekannte Widerstand auf: Was soll ich denn auf Sylt, ich lebe glücklich am Bodensee! Schwere ist da, wo ist die Leichtigkeit geblieben. Madhukar schrieb mir mal in ähnlichem Fall, ein Geist, der hartnäckigen Sorte.
Aus alter Erfahrung weiß ich, dass bei Antritt der Reise sich alles ändert und ich vertraue darauf.
Ja, die Wandlung passiert, im Flieger wird schon alles leicht.Das innere Feuer beginnt zu brennen, die Zellen hüpfen vor Freude.

Angekommen im Klappholttal auf Sylt, bin ich überwältigt von der Schönheit der Dünen, der guten sanften Luft und der Nähe zum Meer. Leichtfüßig laufe ich die Treppe hochüber die Düne Richtung Strand. Oben angekommen,bleibe ich andächtig stehen. Meine Arme breiten sich aus und ich höre mich innerlich sagen, ich bin ein Glückskind!

Getragen vom Wind
Staunend über die Schönheit dieser Inselwelt
Rauschen des Meeres
strahlende Sonne
Glitzernde Wellen
Ozeanische Gefühle

Danke Madhukar Krishna, dass Sie mich gerufen haben.

Am ersten Abend wird der Satsangraum für Krishnas Geburtstag geschmückt,
mit indischen Wandteppichen, Krishna Bildern, Ganesha, dem Herr der Hindernisse und Girlanden. Im Hintergrund eine wundervoll geschnitzte Krishna Statue.
Ich bin in Indien und auf Sylt, zuhause außen und innen.
Manche neuen Teilnehmer schauen etwas skeptisch, ich kann sie verstehen:
Krishna Fest in Schleswig-Holstein!
Vielleicht wird Krishna, der Anziehende morgen ihre Herzen berühren, Gott hat viele Namen!

Für mich wird Janmashtami zum größten Geschenk: Madhukarji liest uns wunderbare Krishna Geschichten aus unserem bebilderten Buchgeschenk vor. Ich spüre die Liebe einer Gopi in mir, vibrierende Ekstase.

Abends nach einem Herz erfüllten Fest mit Stille, Singen, Tanzen, köstlichem Reisbrei als Prasad, göttlicher Speisung aus Madhukarjis Hand, wird mir bewusst, dass das ja erst der Anfang des Retreats war. Zeitlosigkeit ist da!

Diese Liebe, dieses Glücklich sein wächst mit jedem Moment.
Die Stille und Dialoge lösen Knoten, Zweifel, Trauer und vertiefen Alles.

Lange Pausen schenken uns den Genuss, die diese Insel auf vielen Ebenen zu bieten hat:
Strandsauna bei Sturm und Wind, Spaziergänge in den Dünen, Wattwanderungen, Radtouren, Sansibar, schöne Orte wie List und Kampen mit besonderen Cafés.
Zeit für Begegnungen und Gespräche mit neuen Teilnehmern, die Yoga der Stille das erste Mal erleben.

Dieses Retreatwirkt weiter und weiter. Textstellen aus einer Geschichte über Krishna, die Madhukarji aus dem Englischen für uns übersetzt hat, möge uns inspirieren und weiterwachsen lassen:
„Die ekstatische Liebe der Gopis ist wie ein Spiegel, der jeden Moment reiner und reiner wird und den körperlichen Glanz Krishnas und Seine Süße verkörpert. (…) Beide, Krishna und die Gopis wachsen daran.“ (…)

Zutiefst dankbar für dieses wunderbare Retreat


starnberger see

S tarnberger See Schlossgut Oberambach
I n Beingness
L ife
E ternity
N ow
C elebration
E verlasting love
Just like the waves of Lake Starnberg we dive into the ocean of the sweet nectar of our beloved Master Madhukarji.
We drown in the nectar of Beingness – in the grace of SILENCE.
As the birds are flying here at this powerful place in nature, we fly the way of ‘M’,
in the natural freedom of Beingness – Now, SILENCE.
In the bright blue of the retreat sky, the faces and hearts are shining like the sun in the presence of the Master – SILENCE.
Being one with the heartbeat of this retreat place, our hearts are singing the
symphony of harmony that is coming back into our memories due to the infinite love of Madhukarji – SILENCE.
The lion roars in the SILENCE.
Madhukarji – we – i – you.
I am