Serving the feet of the Master

Serving at the feet of the Master

Serving the feet of the Master

By serving the feet of the Master,
one who gives up all other paths
and surrenders oneself completely
to the Sadguru becomes the true
“Accomplished One”, or Siddha.

One who has the active element
of the Almighty God serves the Master.
Nobody else will even think of it.
For this the “Pure Sattva” quality is necessary.

One who has faith that the Guru is everything
attains the state of Paramatman.
Know for sure that one who is a loyal devotee
to the feet of the Master gains Self-Knowledge.

Many have the good luck to meet the Sadguru
once in a lifetime, but only the one who has
faith is saved and uplifted.
As is the faith, so is the result

Faith in the Sadguru is the highest good fortune.

We should bind ourselves to the Sadguru
by our deep love.

Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj
Master of Self-Realization
Chapter 47: Serving the feet of the Master.

Lotus feet

Surrender to the Grace

Surrender to the Grace

That´s all I can tell you:

Surrender to the Guru as a river
surrenders to the ocean and loses
all identification.
There is no river in the ocean,
no personality when you
surrender to the Grace.

Sri H.W.L. Poonjaji

Source: “The Truth Is”

The true form of the Guru

True form of the Guru

The true form of the Guru

The true form of the Guru can be known only
if one realises, through the grace of the Guru,
one`s one real form.
The form of the jnana-Guru that bestows an
abundance of grace is Sivam, who abides within
oneself as pure consciousness.
No one has the ability to describe the power
of the grace of the Guru abiding in mauna (silence).
The greatness of noble disciples is that they obtain
clear knowledge by trusting and believing in their
heart that the Guru`s form is the embodiment of grace.
The disciple who completely surrenders
himself to the Guru will attain the life of true jnana,
the auspicious life.
The true meaning of namaskaram is the ego
bowing its head and getting destroyed.

Source: Padamalai
by Muruganar

Pure Grace

Pure Grace

Beloved Lord Krisna,
dwelling in your heart is pure Grace!

Deeply in love
Angela, Giovanni and Arati

Fruit of the Heart

 Retreat ‘Dolce Vita’ Tuscany, Italy July 12 – August 2, 2015
with Guru Purnima Celebration July 30 – August 1, 2015
Open End August 1

Fruit of the Heart
I tell you on oath that it is
the Guru who gives the fruit
that is in your own heart.
He knows whatever you do.
It is He himself, who gives the correct fruit.
The Guru`s duty is only to give advice.
To have devotion and faith, and to study,
is the job of the devotee.

Do not give up devotion even if any
number of calamities fall upon you.
How can a devotee and a non-devotee
ever agree with each other?
A devotee will have to face tremendous
antagonism, and must sustain severe
criticism and suffering.
In this lies the spirituality of devotion.
Such a one is God in making.
Paramatman is waiting for him.
The meaning of the centrally important
Part of the Upanishads is,
‘Have no expectation’.
That is the greatest mystery.

An ultimate understanding
Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj
Chapter 47: Serving at the feet of the Master


Guru’s Grace

Guru's Grace

Guru’s Grace

Those who are yoked to samsara
by the twin karmas [good and bad]
that arise through ignorance,
the powerful dense delusion, suffer.
The devotion and longing they feel
for the grace of the Guru,
who has taken responsibility for them,
is alone the medicine for dispelling their
mental anguish.

Since his glance transmutes the rusty
iron that is the jiva into the gold that is the
taint-free jnana-swarupa, the grace-bestowing
eyes of the Guru-Lord are the potent alchemical
substance that transmutes by a mere glance.
Therefore, search thoroughly to eradicate your
impurity, and worship him to earn his glance.

“The Greatness of the Guru”
verses from ‘Guru Vachaka Kovai’