Guru Purnima Celebration with Sri Madhukarji in Tuscany

Guru Purnima

„The Sadguru is beyond both day and night.
Who can see Him?
He is the “Master of Light”.
There are secret things that are safely kept with the Sadguru.
It is at the feet of the Guru that you can learn what true Knowledge (Jnana) and Devotion (Bhakti) are.
All this is very wonderful.
Who can praise Him?
Who can describe His Greatness?“*

Dear Beloveds,

what an auspicous, rare and unique chance to Celebrate Guru Purnima with  our most beloved Guru Sri Madhukarji and the Family of Love.
There are no words which could describe the greatness ,  the mystery and beauty of the sacred days and nights of  this ancient celebration.

Let us come together in Love as One – to love and honour, to celebrate and caress the Divine Heart with great delight.

Seeing, that our beloved Guruji has given each of us the „Treasure of Grace“ ,
we remember the silence, peace, the  unspeakable beautiful rain of blessings which is falling down on us since we first met  Him.
How could we ever express our Thankfullness and  deep subtle Love?
For a devotee the day of Guru Purnima is the most important day of the year to be at the holy feet of her/his  beloved Guruji.

It is the most precious possibility to express our Love, Adoration, Thankfullnes, Honour  and Appreciation at the sacred feet of Sri Krisna.

What more could we wish for?
Guru Purnima is also the wonderful chance to completely lay down burden, sorrow and doubt, fear, ignorance, arrogance, felt guilt – whatever – at the feet of the Beloved.
Guru Purnima is the chance to start anew—both „our regular lifes“ and the divine Relationship to Sri Krisna!
Refreshed and „filled“ with sweet nectar  – everything is washed away—Brightness, Beauty and Love reveals………
At the holy feet of Lord Krishna the loving devotee will find more than she/he could ask for.
Loving, emanating Amrit, blessing, giving, protecting  -  Lord of Love dwelling in our hearts:
thank you for giving us this great opportunity to celebrate Guru Purnima with you! What a Grace! What a Heartjoy!

„All this is very wonderful.
Who can praise Him?
Who can describe His Greatness?“*

What more to say?
The Door is open.
Thanks and Praise to Sri Madhukarji!

Love to embrace you all in Italy
Yours Krisnadas

(*Sri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj)

Letters from Dolce Vita Retreat

Blog letters A

Dear Madhukarji,
Infinite thanks!
It becomes more and more silent inside of me, and peace is spreading out. Your divine appearance is rising in brightness, golden light and glory. Seeing this is simply wonderful.
Deeply touched in the heart,

Blog letters B

Dear Madhukarji,
Thank you very much for this Guru Purnima celebration.
I am still enjoying the ocean-trip and the Satsangs afterwards.
Love, Mona

Blog letters C

Beloved Master,
Something brought me to Italy. How big must be this love to you that made me travel to you along with my daughter.

Blog letters D

Beloved Guruji,
The journey to here was carried by silence, love and pleasure. And here it is going on like this. Each day I am allowed to spend here is simply divine, and I am thankful for this. A subtle vibration makes each cell of the body swing in joy, and it is heavenly to celebrate this with you.
Thankful, your Shivani

Blog letters E

Namaskar beloved Master Madhukarji!
When the focus is on the Divine Self, on the trust in the True Guruji, Master, there is no need of words.
Love, Angela

Blog letters F

Thank you beloved Master Madhukar Ji
for this beautiful life!
In love, Linde

Madhukar – Guru Purnima Celebration 2013

Celebration of Guru Purnima 2013

Celebration of Guru Purnima 2013

Beloved Family of Love! Beloved Master!
Celebration of Guru Purnima continues in my heart: glowing loving eyes of each one of you as a silent love in the heart, free and crazy dancing as a overflowing joy of beingness which likes to be expressed, holding hands and singing together as a feeling of being united with everything, clear unmoving presence of the Master as an amazing fact that I AM. This night went as fast as a kiss with a beloved and this is the way I welcome this life to be!
Nothing but love

Welcome to Guru Purnima 2013!

Welcome to Guru Purnima 2013