Once you are silent

Once you are silent you are ablaze with light. Madhukar - Yoga of Silence

Peace meditation with Madhukar

Let there be peace!

Madhukar shared this peace meditation live from Satsang on Easter Monday during the retreat “Yoga der Stille” (“Yoga of Silence”). We share this video with you here in the blog.

Peace. Love. Presence. Nowness. “I am”. The Self.

That eternal now

That eternal now. Make use of knowledge. Jnana. The Yoga of Silence. Madhukar - "Awakening", Silence-Retreat in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India at the holy mountain Arunachala, where Ramana Maharshi lived and H.W.L. Poonja, called Papaji, met him.
That eternal now. Make use of knowledge. Jnana. The Yoga of Silence.


Yoga of Silence event at the Arunachala during the retreat “Awakening” in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India. Sitting in silence on the rocks of the holy mountain. Satsang with Madhukar. Being together in truth with the master. The Sangha with the guru, this means the community, the gathering around the master focusing on absolute truth.

Since thousands of years.


Meeting with your self.


To be this mystery

"To be this mystery which rests in each one of us and to live it this is Love." Madhukar - "Yoga of Silence" Easter retreat 2017 in Oberstaufen, county of Oberallgäu, southern Germany.
To be this mystery
which rests in each one of us
and to live it
this is Love.


It seems impossible to you to just simply be this mystery and to live it? You want to experience this love yourself?

Then come – to the retreat with Madhukar, a modern master of the precious Advaita!

A unique chance to attain Brahma Vidya, direct enlightenment. Experience Satsang with Madhukar. The direct disciple of the Saint Papaji has the great gift to help you with your daily challenges through this ancient Indian wisdom. In Yoga of Silence you receive an effective guide to happiness. After all, Advaita is the bliss to be one with oneself and the world.

Literally, retreat means “withdrawal” and in this case it means to immerse into the silence that is underlying everything – with the support of a living master, Madhukar.

“Yoga of Silence” – the first retreat of the year in Europe. Spring awakening in the mountains of the Oberallgäu, celebrating Easter in the source of Beingness!

April 13 – 18, 2017 (Easter) | Yoga of Silence
Oberstaufen, Germany
Info: Shivani +49 7121 6 80 81 69 or +49 171 217 43 38

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“Have you already noticed this?”

Sri Madhukarji

Madhukar: As lovingly as I am looking at you, you can look at yourself. You can behold yourself. And thus realize the peace, the love that you are. Our intensive life, the hectic life with information overflow, pictures and faces brings our mind and therefore also our body into states of excitation. These are not always peaceful. Therefore it is good if you are sitting in silence and simply breathe. With this I mean the conscious breathing into the belly. Once your belly breathing is calm and deep you can turn to beholding yourself with love. Look inside with closed eyes, behold the Self. In doing so, awareness stays in consciousness itself. This precious consciousness that always has been distracted by your streams of thoughts, your tempers and moods, becomes consciousness itself. Very simple. All it takes is your orientation. For this you use the mind. Consciousness, untouched and pure, is always here. Have you already noticed this? To what do you give it away? For what do you exchange this consciousness?

Madhukar, Yoga of Silence Event in Stuttgart, Germany

Like the sky, you are that

Like a lighthouse over the city Madhukar - Yoga of Silence Event in Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg, Germany in October and November 2016: silence, peace, freedom, happiness, love, self.
Like a lighthouse over the city


„Like a lighthouse over the city”

In the Yoga of Silence, the encounter of Advaita master Madhukar with people, who gather in silence and peace to be in the Self, their true nature, in love, happiness, laughter and freedom, shines like a beacon. Like a lighthouse in the storm, in poor visibility and fog, when orientation is missing, in the dark of the night, coming home at daytime, a joyful sight from afar, a promise of the view from there, a memory in busy everyday life. A light at night, saying: “I am always here. I show you the way back home, if you wish to come home.”

In Yoga of Silence Madhukar points out that you are already free: He is like a lighthouse. He reminds you who you really are, where you are always at home, home in your Self. No matter what happens around you or inside of you. You are That.

Like the sky, blue and wide, pure and unfathomable, you are that.


Like the sky, blue and wide, pure and unfathomable, you are that. Madhukar Yoga der Stille Event in Stuttgart und Ludwigsburg im Oktober und November 2016: Stille, Frieden, Freiheit, Glück, Liebe, Selbst, Sein.