Noble attracts noble people

Inner Sun
Something noble attracts noble people, so I have been attracted by the beautiful and noble Master Madhukar Ji, the wonderful Master of Being and “Yoga of Love”… ♥
Thank you beloved Master for the wonderful Inner Sun retreat in… Ibiza… it was incredibly beautiful being so close to you and the marvellous Sangha and to celebrate the wonderful Being. I will always keep this precious moments in my heart…they are like sparkling jewels and diamonds in my heart! ♥Love is♥

In deep devotion, thankfulness and love
Anja Sylvie Aude Klotz

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Real Freedom

Enter Freedom

Madhukar, a graceful Master
showing me the way out of a long disaster.
The story  of being the mind
made me suffering and almost blind
Real freedom – such a grace.
Pleasureful to be at such a place.
The taste of Inner Sun
endless and much more than fun.
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Inner Sun Shining

innersunBeloved Master Madhukarji,

Thank you very much for the marvelous very powerful Inner Sun retreat on Ibiza. The shining wonderful Inner Sun is in my heart and fills me. I take it with me where ever I am.

Being with you, beloved Master Madhukarji, is a very big grace. It is beautiful to be with you and the wonderful Sangha in your very precious presence, and to inquire the Self in silence with the questions “Who am I?“ With this, all concepts and life-movies, the so-called dramas disappear in a wonderful way…, what remains is peace, joy, thankfulness, humbleness, devotion and love, the essence of Being…

Inner Sun

The nature on Ibiza is beautiful and shows many silent moments which inspire to contemplation and fill the heart with peace and joy. I felt very fine in my first retreat with you and the Sangha. My heart cheers up and leaps for joy, it dances and is singing the glory of Being. It is wonderful that I am allowed to celebrate the abundance of this very precious Being with you. Thank you from my heart for all this beauty.

I was allowed to experience so many precious, delightful moments of the heart and of joy, along with all these precious, beautiful dearest people, “the Family of Love”. I am looking forward very much to the next precious beautiful retreat with you, dear Master Madhukarji!

Inner Sun

In deep devotion, thankfulness and love,
Anja Sylvie Aude

Letter of Love

Letter of Love

My beloved Master Madhukarji!!!

Thank you very much for a great gift to me, for all that what you gave me in my life!!!
I am happy now!!!
I am at home and I am enjoying emptiness so much!!!
Nothing can be greater than this!
I LOVE you so much my beautiful Guruji!!!

You are my LOVE for ever!!!

Your Sunyata

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Masterwords from Ibiza

Yoga of Silence, probably the oldest and yet the most effective teaching on how to be happy.

Yoga of Silence, probably the oldest and yet the most effective teaching on how to be happy.