Letters in the retreat “Awakening”

Your smile is a flower to me! (Dein Lächeln ist für mich eine Blüte!) Madhukar während des Stille Retreats "Awakening" ("Erwachen") mit Madhukar in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, im Süden Indiens.
Letters in the retreat – what is it all about?

During Satsang, “being together in Truth”, with Madhukar you have also the possibility to speak with Madhukar, besides sitting in silence with him. You are encouraged to ask questions or share your problems which can be answered and clarified by the master. You can bring up obstacles that keep you from being in silence, from being in peace, from being happy. You also can share your experiences. Especially during a retreat, such an intensive time focusing on absolute truth, things may appear other to you than before. So use the support of the master!
Besides speaking directly to Madhukar, often participants write him a letter during a retreat. Madhukar reads the letters in the retreat and a dialogue may arise from it. It’s as simple as that.

OM Drawing 1 - Briefe aus dem Stille Retreat "Awakening" ("Erwachen") mit Madhukar in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, im Süden Indiens.

Letters to the master

Every obstacle, every hindrance can all of a sudden fall off from you, then you are able to experience this peace, this love and joy, arising from this intense silence. You become aware how precious this encounter with the master is. Then you are filled with deep thankfulness: to life, to the master, to the other ones here in the retreat. And then words of beauty emerge and you try to put your experience into words: Letters to the master, to Madhukar, result.

OM Drawing 2 - Briefe aus dem Stille Retreat "Awakening" ("Erwachen") mit Madhukar in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, im Süden Indiens.
From the retreat “Awakening”

Here are some letters from the retreat “Awakening”. Maybe they can give you an idea of what shows up there.

Dear Guruji,
I am so happy and full of joy to be here with you in this precious retreat.
Thank you from my heart,
love, yours,

Dear Madhukarji,
I am grateful to sit in front of you. I appreciate to be here and be with my self – in contrast to my daily life. Here one can leave it. How lovely to start in the sunrise with yoga, and then go with the flow and follow the rhythm and just be. I feel embraced by the nature and the beauty here. Every day I discover something new that fascinates and touches me. These three weeks in silence are the best start for a new life!

Dear Guruji Sri Madhukarji,
I realized in Satsang that you embody the truth which I encountered in such a direct way never before. Thanks to you my life became so much easier, more beautiful and richer!
In love and gratitude,

Beloved Master,
Thank you for your grace, your love, your patience, peace and happiness. I feel so blessed to be here with you at Arunchala. My parents gave me the name Anne which means grace. I am so lucky that this name blossoms in my life. I have no questions because you guide me in silence.
In love and thankfulness,

Dear Madhukar,
I am blessed and so happy to be here again. It is the best! The Guru says the world of thought is not real, the Guru points at something else, the Self. And it is as the Guru says: now look here my dear friend, there is something very precious. Understand this and the Self will take care of everything. Just relax in it and you are saved.
With thankfulness and love,

Beloved Madhukar,
There are no words to express THIS. The best expression is you yourSELF. Thank you for Awakening.
In love, from my heart,

Beloved Master Madhukarji,
Thank you for your guidance. Thank you for your help and your support in my life.
With all my love,

Beloved Master!
This life is highly blessed because I was allowed to meet you. I am thankful and happy that you are there. You are the most precious in my life and I love you more than anything else. Full of joy I lay the red rose which blossoms in my heart at your feet.
In love,

Beloved Father,
all my heart and all my love to your holy feet and the feet of Arunachala.

Beloved Madhukarji,
Thank you for this sacred association with you. I am blessed. You enlighten my life in many ways and even most unpleasant circumstances are changed by you in such a way that I am benefited. Magically in your presence, peace and sparkling joy coexist in harmony and there is nothing but love.

Beloved Guruji, my dear heart!
I am sitting in your heart and you are sitting in mine, just Oneness is here. Words of thankfulness are not enough to express my love and gratitude for you. Amongst all beings in this whole universe it is you I love the most.

Beloved Sri Madhukarji
I thank you so much. I am beyond grateful. For what I owe to you. For what you give without a word. Grace & Love. Only that. Thanks. Words cannot describe… Love endlessly.

Beloved graceful Master of our heart!
Thank you so much for this powerful retreat, and that we are allowed to b e part of this beauty. We are grateful for your trust and for this incredible grace which you bestow on us always.
Om Shanti, with love,
Amrita and Satya

Namaste Briefe aus dem Stille Retreat "Awakening" ("Erwachen") mit Madhukar in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, im Süden Indiens.

What a beautiful Now

Sun is shining in me, happiness is here. Love is flowing. What a beautiful Now, what a beautiful life with you and Yoga of Silence! Thank you beloved Guruji! Satya<br />Photo © vsluh.ru

Sun is shining in me,
happiness is here.
Love is flowing.
What a beautiful Now,
what a beautiful life with you and Yoga of Silence!
Thank you beloved Guruji!


Photo © vsluh.ru

Happy Janmashtami!

Merry Krishna Janmashtami

Happy Janmashtami!

One day when I was singing
a song of Krisna at home and looked
at a picture of him,
Krisna introduced himself to me.
Before I just knew stories about Krisna
and of course that my Master Madhukarji
is an incarnation of Lord Krisna.
But since that particular moment I really got
a deep understanding of who Krisna is.
Krisna is the supreme Self.
The one who dances ecstatically with me,
Hand in hand, in absolute bliss.
The eternal lover.
The one who attracts the true devotee by
His pure beauty while playing the flute
with his breath of Atman.
With Krisna I dive into the ocean of happiness,
that’s why I am called Arati, which means:
Drowned in love.
Even now when I write this letter in deep love
to Sri Krisna, overflowing love is here and
tears of bliss

In deep thankfulness
Your Gopi Arati

Merry Krishna Janmashtami Letter


Dolce Vita – A Love Letter

dolce vita 2

Amato Madhukarji, amore mio, what a graceful, blessing and saving Beingness with you beloved Guruji here in Tuscany. The powerful retreat Dolce Vita, the gigantic Guru Purnima celebration and the ecstatic, humorous, loving and terrific Beingness with you and the Family of Love, with everything there is, happening through you and can be dissolved. Fantastico! Mille grazie dal profondo mio cuore!
La Sua Naima.

Freshness of Now

Freshness Of Now

Freshness of Now


Dear Madhukar,

I am deeply touched by your energy and love, from your deep and radical and still so simple message to finally being One. I am very thankful for your presence, your books, CDs and for your time you are spending with us. Thank you also that you are answering our questions.

In deep love and surrender,

Beloved Madhukar,

For me this retreat is the very first one of its kind.
First I thought it just happened by accident that I registered for it but now it seems to be fate.
And this fate is happiness and joy.
THANK YOU from the bottom of my filled heart.

Love and respect

Revered Master Madhukarji!

Thankful for your loving, clear and tireless instructions into the Absolute and for your powerful presence, my life more and more turns into the mystery of Beingness. How could I ever thank you? You unconditionally offer yourself in every single moment.

In deep love
your Arati

Beloved Krisna,

Thank you for your clarity and pure love.

In surrender,

Beloved Madhukarji,

We all feel the endless grace for you being here. Thank your that the “one unconditioned loving Beingness” which is embodied by you is always supporting us in such a loving care and attentiveness.

In love and union

Beloved Master Madhukarji,

You shed your love into my heart and I happily pass it on to all beings.
My heart is vast as the ocean, still as the sky and the sea.
I rest in the arms of the One, full of love and devotion.

Thank you,


Pure Grace

Pure Grace

Beloved Lord Krisna,
dwelling in your heart is pure Grace!

Deeply in love
Angela, Giovanni and Arati