Secret to Happiness

‎”Nothing belongs to you! It is all like the breeze. Leave your mind as free as the breeze by not clinging to anything.
This is the secret to happiness: Enjoy the garden, but do not cling to anything!”
Sri H.W.L. Poonja – THIS

Flower for Papaji
(This nice picture is made by Antie Braito)


13th Of October – Birthday of beloved Master Papaji

Having, as a child, several deep spiritual
experiences Sri H.W.L. Poonja
always wanted to “see God.”

A simple family man from West Punjab, he traveled all over India, trying to find the spiritual support of the sages and gurus in their search for God. In 1944, the search ended when Poonjaji’s silent gaze fell upon Sri Ramana Maharshi.

With absolute determination Poonjaji devoted his life to the realization of freedom and peace that everyone is already here and now. He pointed out that it is not “inside” and “outside”, but includes both. He pointed to what remains, the Buddha, the Truth, God and the true fulfilled. In the hearts of many, he – “Papa” or Papaji as he is lovingly called.

The purpose of life is to be at Peace,
to Love all beings, and to know who you are.
Know your Self and you know everything.

From the book “The Truth Is”:

Papaji Birthday

Happy Birthday beloved Papaji!

“You can’t find true Peace
so don’t try to search for it.
What is left where you give up searching?

- This seems so easy!

It is easy. You complicate it! It is simple.

Don’t make any effort, stay Quiet
and the noisy surface dialogues will cease.
Then the substratum will rise up to the top.
It is simple. Follow this. Do you see it?

- I don’t see anything.

Yes! You are That. You are that witness which is consciousness, not the objects that are seen. You are the witness who sees the activity.”