Yoga of Silence with Sri Madhukarji in Berlin

The event with Madhukar this time in Berlin was absolutely great. So many wonderful people came to be in silence together and celebrate love and peace.

Madhukar promised: “I will lead you into love.” And exactly that was what he did. Something very special came up this weekend. Each one of us was carried away and surrendered to this sweet love that is always present inside of us. Resistance is useless! Yeah!

It is wonderful to be in such a blessing connection with Madhukar and being part of this loving community. It’s great fun being allowed to help organizing such a beautiful event and to celebrate with this fantastic Family of Love.

I am looking forward very much to see you and many new dear hearts again next year.

Let’s share Love

Summer of Love in Sweden

Summer of Love

Summer of Love Retreat Mundekulla Sweden

Summer of Love

Join the “Summer of Love” energy!!!

Rudrani, Sweden’s new Organisator

It was a wonderful retreat….Summer of Love!


Dolce Vita, Italy, 2012

Beloved Madhukarji,

Driving through the wonderful landscape of Tuscany with the special light and different landscapes, I reflected how much beauty I experience. It touches me.
Overflowing thankfulness and grace is what I experience these days by being in your presence and being surrounded by the Sangha, everything is flowing by itself, like a natural stream. This I experience over the years again and again, and for me it is amazing how this beauty is “created” by You, the Self.
I am deeply touched by the hearty people who came this year from everywhere to celebrate Guru Purnima here at Dolce Vita in Italy!

Many wonders appeared since I met you:

1. The first wonder is I met you in India during my sabbatical:
I went to Nepal & India for a sabbatical in 1999. I went on this journey for an “inner” search, looking for peace inside me. Not letting myself being ruled by fear or insecurity. After a very beautiful trekking to Mount Everest in the Himalayas I went to India, where I met you the first night in Poona! I was impressed by your radiating appearance. Shortly after I went to Goa, because in Poona I felt it is not the place to be for me. The first one I met in the bus was Sunyat, who spoke about you. In Goa I met you again and again and you invited me for Satsang.
Since than many things happened, beauty and strong painful experiences popped up! There was a lot of restlessness and resistance in me, which slowly disappeared.

2. Your clarity and straight forwardness to point again and again that we are already free, was for me a very important message on my “spiritual search”.
I experienced & experience this in your presence. Never before I experienced this silence, this love, this trust to rest in myself. This clarity stopped my spiritual search and made me fall in love with you!

3. I had some skin problems -psoriasis- before I met you . Since I join Satsang it disappeared.

4. Since I join retreats and Satsang with you I manage to be often in your presence and people at my work always wonder how I manage to be so often on holidays! It is simply happening!

5. To live life, the joy of life, to dance, to love and to shine is what I experience in your presence!

6. I feel carried and taking care of! I experience much beauty, silence, peace, joy and love in life since I met you!

7. Over the years I rest more in myself. In moments I still experience fear in and insecurity inside me, though at the same time I am also able to look deeper.

There is a longing to sink deeper into silence and stay as peace in all kind of circumstances: To trust, to love and remain silent.

Beloved Madhukarji, Thank you for your guidance!
Love from a dancing Heart.

In Love, Grace & Thankfulness,

Pranava Lohita


Sweet as Honey

I want to write about an encounter that changed my entire life, and still is changing it. I want to write about it because I know that everyone, that all of us only want one thing, to be happy. Simply because it is wonderful to be happy and because the one who is happy is beautiful. Seven years ago I met a Guru for the very first time in my life, without knowing what a Guru is (dispeller of darkness) and what is happening there. The only thing I knew was that what I had lived until then could not have been all there is. And that was more than a little. I had a family, a beautiful place to live, friends, a good job, parents, brothers and sisters, hobbies, I had travelled a lot – but still something was missing. I was just not totally happy, although I had joy and fun – like a good soup having everything that a good soup needs to have, only one decisive spice is missing which makes the soup so perfect that one can say that it is not missing anything. This spice, this happiness, I experienced at my first Satsang with a Guru. I simply sat in Satsang (this is the term for being together with a Guru), with all the other people of which I did not know anybody, and with the Guru, and I was feeling so happy and lively, although nothing had happened. I did not win the lottery, no new love, no new dress or dream holidays in the Caribbean. No, I just sat there with other people and the Guru, and I was simply happy and cheery. From this moment on I wanted to have more of it. I wanted to be so happy always, and that is why I went to see this Guru again and again. And I am still doing it today because since then this happiness is there more and more not only in Satsang but also in my everyday life. I feel much more alive, more open, life got another flavor for me, much more beautiful and easier than I had known it until then. I do not worry about nullities anymore, I take things much more serene, much more relaxed. And this not only when I am lying in the sun at the beach, but also at work, in stress and in the noise of everyday life. This Guru is my Master and his name is Madhukar, translated “Sweet as Honey.”



Inner Sun Shining

innersunBeloved Master Madhukarji,

Thank you very much for the marvelous very powerful Inner Sun retreat on Ibiza. The shining wonderful Inner Sun is in my heart and fills me. I take it with me where ever I am.

Being with you, beloved Master Madhukarji, is a very big grace. It is beautiful to be with you and the wonderful Sangha in your very precious presence, and to inquire the Self in silence with the questions “Who am I?“ With this, all concepts and life-movies, the so-called dramas disappear in a wonderful way…, what remains is peace, joy, thankfulness, humbleness, devotion and love, the essence of Being…

Inner Sun

The nature on Ibiza is beautiful and shows many silent moments which inspire to contemplation and fill the heart with peace and joy. I felt very fine in my first retreat with you and the Sangha. My heart cheers up and leaps for joy, it dances and is singing the glory of Being. It is wonderful that I am allowed to celebrate the abundance of this very precious Being with you. Thank you from my heart for all this beauty.

I was allowed to experience so many precious, delightful moments of the heart and of joy, along with all these precious, beautiful dearest people, “the Family of Love”. I am looking forward very much to the next precious beautiful retreat with you, dear Master Madhukarji!

Inner Sun

In deep devotion, thankfulness and love,
Anja Sylvie Aude