Дольче Вита – ретрит с Мадукаром

Дольче Вита
Ретрит с Мадукаром

Dolce Vita Retreat with Madhukar

Dolce Vita Retreat with Madhukar

Guru Purnima Video 2014

It was so beautiful! To Guru Purnima!

Наслаждайся сладкой жизнью – Дольче Вита 2014 – СЕЙЧАС

Ретрит “Дольче Вита” с Мадукаром в Тоскане,


с празднованием Гуру Пурнимы 11 – 13 июля

Guru Purnima 2014


Guru Purnima is the New Year for the spiritual seeker. It is a day for reflection on our credits and debits. A day to be grateful for all that you have achieved in the past and resolving all that you want to do in the coming years. It is a day to be grateful for all the blessings and knowledge received and to see how the knowledge has transformed our life. Realizing this and feeling grateful for all that has come your way – celebrating this and the tradition of Masters who preserved this knowledge is Guru Purnima.

Ask for whatever you want and it will be bestowed. The highest and best desire is to ask for knowledge and freedom. Our body has billions of cells. Each cell has its own life. Many cells are born and are dying each moment. You are managing an entire township inside your body. The way there are so many planets moving around the sun, there are many cells moving around within you. You are a township, like a bee hive. There are so many bees that sit in a beehive but there is only one queen bee. If that queen bee goes away, every other bee, they all disappear, the entire bee hive disappears. In the same way, in our body, there is an atom, tiniest of tiny atom, the atma which is everywhere yet nowhere. That is the queen bee – that is what you are. The queen bee – that is what the divine is. The queen bee – that is what the guru principle is.
Like fatherhood and motherhood, there is guru-hood. We all have to play guru-hood at least to somebody. We do play. Consciously or unconsciously you are all guru to somebody. You keep giving advices and guiding people, giving them loving care. You all do this. Do it 100%, without expecting anything in return: that is living the guru principle. There is no difference between the divine, the Self and the guru. They are all one – the queen bee.

Meditation is relaxing, reposing. Think of all the things to be grateful for and ask what you want for the future and bless everyone. We receive so many blessings. We should also bless all those who are in need.

Source: artofloving.org

Guru Purnima Celebration with Sri Madhukarji in Tuscany

Guru Purnima

„The Sadguru is beyond both day and night.
Who can see Him?
He is the “Master of Light”.
There are secret things that are safely kept with the Sadguru.
It is at the feet of the Guru that you can learn what true Knowledge (Jnana) and Devotion (Bhakti) are.
All this is very wonderful.
Who can praise Him?
Who can describe His Greatness?“*

Dear Beloveds,

what an auspicous, rare and unique chance to Celebrate Guru Purnima with  our most beloved Guru Sri Madhukarji and the Family of Love.
There are no words which could describe the greatness ,  the mystery and beauty of the sacred days and nights of  this ancient celebration.

Let us come together in Love as One – to love and honour, to celebrate and caress the Divine Heart with great delight.

Seeing, that our beloved Guruji has given each of us the „Treasure of Grace“ ,
we remember the silence, peace, the  unspeakable beautiful rain of blessings which is falling down on us since we first met  Him.
How could we ever express our Thankfullness and  deep subtle Love?
For a devotee the day of Guru Purnima is the most important day of the year to be at the holy feet of her/his  beloved Guruji.

It is the most precious possibility to express our Love, Adoration, Thankfullnes, Honour  and Appreciation at the sacred feet of Sri Krisna.

What more could we wish for?
Guru Purnima is also the wonderful chance to completely lay down burden, sorrow and doubt, fear, ignorance, arrogance, felt guilt – whatever – at the feet of the Beloved.
Guru Purnima is the chance to start anew—both „our regular lifes“ and the divine Relationship to Sri Krisna!
Refreshed and „filled“ with sweet nectar  – everything is washed away—Brightness, Beauty and Love reveals………
At the holy feet of Lord Krishna the loving devotee will find more than she/he could ask for.
Loving, emanating Amrit, blessing, giving, protecting  -  Lord of Love dwelling in our hearts:
thank you for giving us this great opportunity to celebrate Guru Purnima with you! What a Grace! What a Heartjoy!

„All this is very wonderful.
Who can praise Him?
Who can describe His Greatness?“*

What more to say?
The Door is open.
Thanks and Praise to Sri Madhukarji!

Love to embrace you all in Italy
Yours Krisnadas

(*Sri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj)

Письма участников ретрита “Дольче Вита” с Мадукаром

Blog letters A

Дорогой  Мадукарджи,

Моя бесконечная благодарность! Внутри меня все больше тишины, и покой распространяется вокруг. Ваше божественное проявление сияет всем великолепием золотого света и величия. Видеть это просто чудесно.

Я тронута до глубины души,

Blog letters B

Дорогой Мадукарджи,
Большое спасибо за это празднование Гуру Пурнимы.  Я до сих пор под впечатлением поездки на океан и последующих сатсангов.
С любовью, Мона

Blog letters C

Возлюбленный Мастер,
Что-то привело меня в Италию. Сколь велика любовь к Вам, что я проделал весь этот путь вместе с моей маленькой дочкой.
С любовью,

Blog letters D

Возлюбленный Гуруджи,

Весь путь сюда был тишиной, любовью и исполненностью. И сейчас все продолжается.  Каждый день, который мне позволено провести здесь, просто божественен, и я благодарна Вам за это. Тончайшие вибрации заставляют каждую клеточку тела трепетать от радости,  и праздновать это вместе  с  Вами – блаженство.

С благодарностью, Ваша Шивани

Blog letters E

Намаскар, любимый Мастер Мадукарджи!
Когда все направлено на божественное, на Атман, на истинного Гуру, на Мастера, нет нужды что-либо говорить.

С любовью, Анжела

Blog letters F

Спасибо, возлюбленный мастер Мадукарджи, за эту прекрасную жизнь!
С любовью, Линде